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"Matrix: Resurrections" Theories by Tbone
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[December 20, 2020, 06:09:05 am]

Population: One by Tbone
[October 29, 2020, 06:23:39 pm]

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[August 18, 2020, 12:01:46 pm]

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General / "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: September 09, 2021, 02:19:59 pm »
Please base your theories off of officially released footage and, of course, MxO storylines! Don't post leaks or spoilers.

Ok, I just watched the first official trailer and the big thing that stood out to me is the color palate. As we all know, the Matrix was shown in a green tint and the real world in a blue tint. The trailer footage, however, was almost entirely yellow. So what's up with that? Well, when Neo gets close to and interacts with the Source, it's all in yellow code.

The yellow to me is a pretty clear indicator that Neo is not in the Matrix but in the Source. There's a clip at the very end of the trailer where Neo is talking to someone and he says "After all these go back to where it started...back to the Matrix." This would heavily imply that they aren't currently IN the Matrix.

So Neo is being kept plugged into the Source and is living a successful life in some way (he seems to be in a nice bathtub). His subconscious is trying to wake him back up, however, and my guess is that he is subconsciously creating a part of his reality - young Morpheus, young Oracle, following the white rabbit - his subconscious is trying to recreate what woke him up the first time, so he's going through a lot of familiar steps and throwbacks.

As for Trinity, my initial guess would be of course that Neo is creating her from code as well, but we see a flash of a real life Trinity plugged in,'s possible the Machines kept her alive and deploy her as a means to keep Neo contained at the Source instead of trying to wake up again ("The only thing that matters to you is still here.") So even after Neo becomes aware, he isn't going to leave until he can also get Trinity out.

There's also shots of both Neo and Trinity seeing other versions of themselves. Neo looks in a mirror and his RSI is shifting around to completely different looks. Trinity actually screams and splits into different looking versions of herself. I don't know if this means they are programs like Agents where they are inhabiting others, or it's just different iterations of themselves/remembering past lives (we know that that The One has been reincarnated/created several times). Along those lines this could be the machines trying to re-assimilate The One back into the Matrix but he refuses to be "reborn" because of his attachment to Trinity. I think the film will play with the idea of identity and how we see ourselves. It also seems to have themes of dealing with mental illness, and I think a lot of the movie will be representative of Neo's internal struggle.

Of course it is possible that this is a newer or older version of the Matrix (we are watching the next iteration or a previous iteration), but the yellow code and the line about going back to the Matrix makes me think that this movie doesn't take place in the Matrix where all the remaining humans are plugged into but instead a private Matrix closer to the Source (maybe a Matrix still in beta testing lol).

I know MxO played with the idea that Neo and Trinity were still in the Matrix as sentient programs - reconstructed code. The fact that we see a RL Trinity plugged in makes me think we aren't seeing just the "code" version, though there could be "constructed" versions of many of the main characters (including Trinity and maybe even Neo) along with the real versions of our two main characters.

Overall I'm extremely excited for the movie! I like the idea of it being a smaller-in-scope script focusing on Neo's internal struggle. I am onboard for the fan service of possibly going through a lot of the same things that happened in the original Matrix as a means for Neo to "wake up" again and am interested to see how meta that gets (young Morpheus appears to be showing Neo footage of The Matrix movie inside of a theater). I'm very curious to see if this will be the definitive ending to the Matrix, the beginning of a new trilogy (a la Star Wars), or a soft reset to introduce new characters for potential spin off movies/shows. Either way, the trailer looks amazing!

VR Gaming / Population: One
« on: October 29, 2020, 06:23:39 pm »
We've been playing this nightly and are quickly getting hooked. It's a battle royale game for VR - cross platform with Steam, Oculus PC, and Quest/Quest 2. Join us on Discord. We are gaming most nights around 9 p.m. EST.

General / Nvidia 3070/3080/3090 Releasing this Month!
« on: September 06, 2020, 12:46:54 pm »
Maybe not worth a news post but at least a discussion. These cards leap frog over previous generations in terms of performance while keeping the price relatively low.

3070 > 2080 Ti at $499
3080 = TWO TIMES a 2080 at $699
3090 has no comparison at $1499

This should make VR gaming much smoother. I'm personally going to upgrade from my 980 Ti to the 3080!

If you'd like to take a trip down memory lane and see how The Furious Angels all began, DeaconBlue has released an episode of his podcast, Datanodeone, interviewing Tbone. Have a listen!

You can also find interviews with previous FA members Fuse and Manicvelocity!

Tbone interview:

Other interviews:

You can now load the 48 GBs of Half-Life: Alyx! The game itself won't be available to play until this Monday at 1 p.m. / noon Central! If you're like me, you don't have anything else to do and are stuck at home anyway! You should be able to play the game on the Rift, Rift S, Quest+Link, Index, and probably a few other VR HMDs as well.


Half-Life 3 1.5 confirmed! It's predicted that this will be a major boost for VR in general.

General / MxO Emulator
« on: October 06, 2019, 08:43:49 pm »

VR Gaming / No Man's Sky Beyond VR
« on: August 09, 2019, 12:09:04 am »
Who else is jumping in this next week? I'm really interested to see how it runs in VR and the grouping capabilities. We would love to have more people join us! You can play pancake mode if you currently don't have VR.

No Man's Sky is On Sale!

If you already own No Man's Sky, a free DLC is releasing August 14th that enables full VR support. According to press previews, the game has been fully revamped for VR and it's not just a quick port.

No Man's Sky's original release was controversial, since many of its promised features never made it to the live game. Since then, however, Hello Games has been adding updates that improve the game. No Man's Sky Next update that released last year apparently brought the game into it's proper form, including a four-man multiplayer. This VR update, labelled "Beyond", also promises improvements to the online multiplayer aspect of the game.

I know me and a few others plan on jumping in starting August 14th, so find me on Steam if you want to join up for the space exploring in VR!

Oculus has opened up pre-orders for both the Rift S and the Quest. Each headset costs $399 and will ship May 21st. You can order from Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft Store, and probably Oculus themselves.

Meanwhile Valve released details on their Index headset. It will cost $999 for the headset, controllers, and tracking stations.

Personally I've already put my order in for Rift S and Quest!

The Oculus Rift S is an upgrade to the original CV1. It has inside-out tracking, meaning that you don't need outside sensors. It also has an upgraded screen and a halo design for improved comfort. It will sell for $399 and is rumored to be coming out at the end of the month.

The Oculus Quest is a STAND ALONE headset that also has inside-out tracking and does not require a computer. It has a similar screen to the Rift S but lacks the halo design. It will also sell for $399 at the end of the month.

Both headsets also come with redesigned Touch controllers and Passthrough+, a technology that allows you to see your area even while the headset is still on.

Personally my plan is to get both headsets. There were be many games that are cross-buy, meaning that if you get it for one headset, you can play it on both. I've already sold my original Rift and will use that money to purchase the Rift S. My birthday is also at the end of the month so I'll probably use my birthday money to get the Quest. Since I go out of town for months at a time, the Quest is a perfect way to keep playing VR when I'm away from my computer!

While the Rift S is more of lateral upgrade than a 2.0, I feel the screen and not having to use sensors is worth the purchase - especially since my sold Rift will cover most of the cost. Anyone else plan on getting the Rift S or Quest?

Non-VR Games / SWTOR 5.10 Gearing
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:42:13 pm »
We jumped back into SWTOR again. This is a quick and dirty guide for gearing end-game. This is mostly for Broin since he probably needs the help! =P

Best gear in the game is 252 and 258 gear (Ossus gear). The command crate system isn't that helpful for this gear, though I imagine when they release future gear this gear will get thrown into the crate system. You need to focus on...

1. Ossus Reputation
2. Masterwork Crystals
3. Unassembled Components

Ossus Reputation

You need this because there is reputation requirements for all the best gear in the game. You'll need Hero and Legend rank for the best.

Do the dailies on Ossus (heroics as well). After about three days you'll have maxed your reputation for the week (2500). You can keep going if you want and get a reserve of reputation tokens or you can start focusing on other weekly tasks. Pretty simple. The last tier (Legend) takes three weeks to get after you reach Hero. Don't skip a week.

Masterwork Crystals

You need these to buy the gear. I actually suggest saving Masterwork Crystals for 258 gear UNLESS you're having trouble randomly getting the last few pieces of the 252 set.

You get one crystal from the Ossus world boss weekly. Do the Ossus world bosses each week.

You get one crystal from a random Ossus weekly (either PvP or PvE). Last two weeks have been complete four master flashpoints. Do this each week.

You can get 1-2 additional Masterwork Crystals by trading in Unassembled Components to a vendor. The first one of the week costs 500. The second one costs 1000.

The max number of Masterwork Crystals you can get each week is 4. Your goal should be to try and get 4 Masterwork Crystals a week.

Unassembled Components

As I just mentioned, these are used to buy Masterwork Crystals. You get these by dissembling gear in the Command Crate window and by doing various dailies and weeklies. The quickest way to get Unassembled Components is by doing PvP. Warzones will be the easiest to get. I've found ranked arenas to be significantly harder, but I just started trying them. In between queue pops or when you need a break, you can grind command xp for the boxes (I'd mention the method of doing this, but the event ends on the 15th and then I'll have to figure out what to do from there).


The week resets on Tuesday morning. Each week start by completing the Ossus Dailies/Weeklies. One of these weeklies will give you an 252 Artifact Lockbox. Try to get most of your 252 gear from these boxes and then upgrade them with your Masterwork Crystals. There is a RARE chance of 252 artifact boxes dropping from command crates as well, though I'm hearing that's close to a 1/600 chance based on user testing. Do this every day until you hit the reputation cap.

When you finish Ossus dailies, do PvP dailies/weeklies. Look for missions that don't just give command XP but also give unassembled components. Ideally you should be farming 1500 unassembled components a week, but at least do the first 500 to turn in.

That's basically it. If you miss the reputation cap or don't turn in any unassembled components for a week, you put yourself a week behind on gear progression. Save your Masterwork Crystals for 258 gear or until you have no other gear to upgrade to 258 and need to buy a specific 252 piece to continue. Note that the weekly 252 lockbox will give you 125 unassembled components if you disassemble a duplicate, so getting 4 crystals a week becomes a little easier as you get more 252 gear.

News and Announcements / Rocket League Club
« on: September 04, 2018, 12:50:23 am »
Rocket League just released Clubs (their version of guilds). We have an FA Club, of course, that can hold up to 20 I believe. Contact me on Steam if you'd like an invite!

VR Gaming / OrbusVR
« on: March 15, 2018, 01:04:41 am »
It's on sale for $30. If you've used the Rift recently, you should have also received a $15 store credit. As a result, a bunch of us are gonna grab OrbusVR for $15. It's a VRMMORPG. Don't expect WoW level of polish, but it should hold some interesting group content at the very least!

News and Announcements / Patch Released for Broken Rifts
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:05:11 pm »
A patch has been released by Oculus for the broken Oculus Rifts. If you are getting an error when trying to boot up the device, please download and install the patch. The patch will manually update your certificates.

Those affected by the error (anyone who has used their Rift since February 1, 2018) will receive $15 of Oculus store credit as well!

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