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The Beginning

The Furious Angels was founded in 2004 by Tbone for the game The Matrix Online. The game appealed to people who were not only interested in MMOs, but were also drawn to the concept of virtual reality. The Furious Angels quickly established itself in the community as a very passionate and dedicated group of players. Our exclusivity was maintained through a unique and rigorous recruitment challenge designed to entice and test potential members. The challenge combined elements of roleplay, storytelling, and alternate-reality gaming, resulting in a very Matrix-like experience.

The mystery and allure surrounding The Furious Angels soon spread outside the game. We were featured on IGN, mentioned on MSNBC, and Tbone earned a spot in the fan-zine that released alongside the game. Early into the game's launch we had thousands of people attempting to complete the recruitment challenge. Images and screenshots featuring The Furious Angels were used to promote MxO, and many people claimed that our first machinima video is what convinced them to try the game.

The Journey

When The Matrix Online shut down, we began looking for a new game to call home. For a few years, we drifted from game to game, testing each one only to be disappointed. We lost a few members along the way and picked up new ones. Many proudly exclaim that they are "FA for life!", and so we kept a strong core group of members no matter where we went. We eventually settled on Star Wars: The Old Republic and have grown our reputation and community in that game since it was released.

As our community continued to grow, members started getting interested in other games. We branched out to EVE Online while maintaining a presence in SWTOR. It was during this expansion, in our ninth year, that Tbone was introduced to the Oculus Rift. Suddenly all those dreams of being in the Matrix came flooding back for the Furious Angels, but this time in a very real way! After trying out the Rift for himself a few times, Tbone approached the guild about expanding into a community dedicated to online gaming with the Oculus Rift. The excitement was feverish and soon we entered into the next step of our evolution!

The Destination

And that brings us to today - an Oculus Rift community dedicated to VR online and multiplayer gaming! As Oculus says, this is "Day 0" for VR gaming, and the Furious Angels want to be on the ground floor! We're very interested in how this new technology will apply to online gaming, and our goal is to help make it the best experience it can possibly be! Communication, fair competition, controls - how do these things work in VR? We hope to explore these questions and more and help game devs answer as many as we can! We don't want to be the only VR online gaming community - we want to be the first of many!

Those of us who have an Oculus Rift know it is the future of gaming. That's why we've shifted focus. It's time for the truly "next gen" experience of gaming, and it's time for the Furious Angels to lead the charge!


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