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Author Topic: Case for the Prosecution Against Nomnom  (Read 2327 times)

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Case for the Prosecution Against Nomnom
« on: January 01, 2015, 02:50:54 pm »
This is a pretty long and complicated story, and I've spent a long time rummaging through the evidence to piece together what happened. The short of the story is that someone hacked through a part of our base last night and we believe a player either helped or showed him the base and told him to hack it. All we really had to go on was that this player iNomNomNom was on the hacker's Steam friend list. There was a lot of other circumstantial evidence, but I found the proof in the logs.

At 4:20 the hacker starts talking to himself in chat. He's not talking to himself. Someone is talking to him through voice and he is replying in chat. The hacker has problems adding the person. We can assume the voiced user is asking him to add him on Steam:

(16:20:52) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"suree!"
(16:21:01) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"ok i will"
(16:21:03) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"THANK YOU"
(16:21:05) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"i will"
(16:21:50) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"i cant add u"
(16:21:55) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"error"

I found a website that will tell you how long someone has been friends with another person on Steam. Voila!

December 31, 2014, 4:22 pm

This identifies our voiced user as iNomNomNom and is proof that NomNom requested the hacker add him and it was not a random add from the hacker himself. Now we can assume they have a private chat for a while, but our hacker slips back into talking in the general chat after a few minutes:

(16:34:37) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"ill keep farming some buildings"
(16:34:43) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"lol"
(16:35:10) | [CHAT] "THatcouldntbeit":"u should take this base over"

Five minutes later...

(16:40:23) | THatcouldntbeit has suicided

THE HACK BEGINS. Our hacker is still talking to iNomNom and remarks that he should take the base over that they are looking at. We know that this is our base that they are looking at as this is the time frame when our base starts getting hacked.


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