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Author Topic: The Division - Crit Heal Build!  (Read 6315 times)

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The Division - Crit Heal Build!
« on: April 15, 2016, 02:17:20 pm »
With the Rift getting delayed for everyone, we've been playing The Division to help pass the time! I managed to put together a pretty nice build that reminds me a bit of my Jedi Sentinel crit heal build from SWTOR. I thought I would share some of the strat for others trying to gear up!

The point of this build is to crit as often as possible with as much damage as possible. As a result, you'll heal yourself at the same time, becoming a sort of impromptu tank that doesn't have to rely on taking breaks to heal back up. As long as the bullets are flying, you'll be good to go!

Good for ANY Build

These are about necessary for any build

  • Damage mitigation ~65%. You want to have enough Armor to try to have between 60-65%.
  • Talent: One is None. Headshots have a 50% chance of not consuming the bullet. Every build needs this to essentially extend your clip.
  • Talent: On the Move. Kill a hostile while moving to reduce incoming damage by 30%. Unless your build is based around staying in cover (which it shouldn't be), you'll want this.
  • Talent: Critical Save. Use a medkit during low health to increase damage resistance by 40%.
  • Talent: This last one is situational. I'm going with Triage - heal an ally with a skill to reduce skill cooldowns by 15%. I'm doing this mostly to get my crit pulse up quicker. Obviously it only works in a group, so if you are running solo you may want to switch this out.

Don't ignore Stamina/Health either. I'm currently sitting at 66k health, which I consider to be pretty low. If it wasn't for my healing, I'd want more. The rest should go into Firearms. Also an important note: the DPS stat is a lie. It's hard to tell how much damage you're really going to do from it. I think there's a shooting range that I need to look at for actual testing.

Blocks of the Build

The right talents are key for this build. Because of this, the ability to put together a powerful version of this build requires a bit of luck, since talent rolls are necessary. This will help you know what to look for, however.

  • Weapon: SMG. I'm using the Vector 45 ACP. Talent: Self-preserved. Critical hits with this weapon heal the user for 3% of damage dealt. You MUST have this talent! Secondary talent: Destructive - 18% armor destruction. This works very well for me in PvE. The crit damage talent is another one that would be great and work well with this build.
  • Weapon mods. Extended magazine with crit hit damage. Needed to extend your mag and increase crit damage! Scope - Headshot damage, crit hit chance. Muzzle - Flash Hider - Accuracy, crit hit chance. As you can see, we are stacking crit hit chance and crit hit damage!
  • Chest. Talent - Reckless. Increase damage by 12.5%. Increase incoming damage by 10%. +Armor. We take a hit to incoming damage, but we make up for it because the increase in our damage increases our heals. +Ammo capacity.
  • Mask. Pulse crit hit damage. Two mod slots.
  • Knee pads. +Crit hit damage. +Armor or +Exotic Dmg Resilience
  • Backpack. +Crit hit damage. Mod slot.
  • Gloves. These gloves make a big difference for some reason. Talent: Savage - Crit hit chance is increased 13% against targets out of cover. +Crit hit damage. +SMG Damage. +Crit hit chance or +Damage to elites.
  • Holster. +Armor. +Pulse crit hit damage

The gear isn't perfect, but the general idea is to stack armor to 65%. Take crit hit damage and crit hit chance at any opportunity you can. For minor attributes focus on pulse, as we'll be using the crit from that skill to increase everything. The Reckless and Savage talents compliment this build well and really help it shine. A weakness I have with this build is exotic damage resilience (fire, grenades, etc.). One of my goals is to try to beef this up, because as of now a single flamethrower can take me down if I'm caught off guard.


  • Pulse Tactical Scanner - Increases crit hit chance and crit hit damage on marked enemies. Awesome with this build. use it!
  • First Aid Overheal - Device heals target more efficiently and extends health beyond normal rating. The idea here is to quickly stay on your feet and keep going. This is good for any build, but it's great for those times when you have to reload and are out in the open.
  • Survivor Link. I know it feels like Tactical Link should work well with this build, but we're already doing a lot of damage. Survival Link just has too many uses to not be equipped. I tank Challenging bosses with this.

And that's about it. My crit hit chance sits at 35% but gets a 13% increase from Savage. Add Pulse to that and it's around 70%. Could go higher! Crit hit damage is at 127%. Pulse gets that up to 170% I believe. Enemy armor damage is 27%. Health on kill is at 11% (works well with the heals we are already getting). Lots of ways to get some of these numbers. Focus on the talents first and then see if you can make the numbers work for you!



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