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Title: Give this a look
Post by: Maglorius on August 20, 2016, 06:29:25 am (
Title: Re: Give this a look
Post by: Tbone on August 21, 2016, 11:34:42 pm
Looks pretty interesting. Graphics look great. Phasing at least looks interesting in this playthrough (not sure how it will actually work live). Besides the constant nerdgasms happening in the background, I do have a few concerns.

First, Holy the game gonna get optimized? It was pretty surprising to see a live demo by the devs look so choppy! I know optimization is one of the last things to happen...I just could hear my computer crying already...

I'm worried about No Man's Sky syndrome. It looks like it could be a huge empty universe with huge empty planets with a few copy/paste waypoints. It's really impressive the first few times you do it, but once you get down to the point where you're grinding missions, it could become tedious to traverse so much empty space.

That brings me to SWTOR syndrome, where anywhere you go you're required to travel through the spaceport, load on to your ship, run around your ship, load to the planet, and then travel through another spaceport. It's like that x10 with Star Citizen. I suppose the journey is half the fun, and it certainly looks fun in the demo. I also know that sometimes I want to log in and I have 30 minutes to try to get some missions done, and if it takes me 30 minutes just to wake up, walk to the elevator, wait for the elevator, go to my ship, wait for my ship to come to me, go into my ship, etc. etc....I won't have enough time to do the mission by the time I even get to the waypoint for the guy giving it to me.

All in all minor gripes since these are mostly game genre differences than flaws. I will say that none of the actual combat seemed particularly interesting or different. Space combat seemed similar to Elite, if not a little simpler. Ground shooting seemed a little clunky, though I wasn't able to pay close attention to that part of the video.

Let us know how it actually plays when 3.0 comes out! I still don't see it working in VR any time soon, but the game looks like it'd be hella cool to explore in VR!
Title: Re: Give this a look
Post by: Maglorius on August 22, 2016, 01:30:55 pm
I am actually satisfied to see someone on the forums give an honest look and review.

As far as frame rates go, I know my brother runs two GTX 970 in SLI and is able to play the game and if I am not mistaken, a single GTX 980 Ti out performs two GTX 970's. Currently I am still running two GTX 980 on three 27" monitors, so I am using triple head mode while gaming and I do experience some drops but I am also maxed out. Optimization is definitely coming.

The biggest difference between the traveling in SWTOR and SC is that you have full control of the ship and the entire crew can be on board with you. The crew will also play a major role on the ship during combat situations, especially in big multi-crew ships. Engineering controls, weapons systems, shield controls, etc. will have to be maintained while in combat.

One of key moments during his presentation that peaked my ears again, he mentioned that if you wanted to stake a claim to a piece of property to build on a planet, you will be able to do that.

One of the ships I have that is multi-crew, has 5 gunner seats, the pilot seat and it is also a torpedo/bomber ship.

In regards to VR, I know they had VR support for the DK2 but because of the constant changes they put more focus on the game but Chris Roberts decided to dedicate a team of developers in January to focus purely on VR, so I would imagine that some news will be coming out shortly. I cannot wait to walk through the ships and climb into the pilot seat in VR, it will be amazing if done right.

I will definitely keep you guys informed, I haven't stopped yet.
Title: Re: Give this a look
Post by: Tbone on August 22, 2016, 03:30:37 pm
Yeah, I'm really hoping someone cracks the locomotion code with VR in first person. Tracked controllers brings about some new options. Ripcord uses a leaning left and right for quick motion, and it apparently works really well. I have no clue if it works in all directions. Rumor is that Fallout 4 VR uses some sort of dash mechanic using the left tracked controller. I haven't seen it in action, though.

Everyone piling into one ship looks fun. Group mechanics might be a make or break thing for us!
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