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Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest Coming in a Matter of Weeks by Tbone
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Lack of content won't be an issue when Oculus Touch releases next week. In a blog post posted today, Oculus reveals all 53 of the games/experiences that will be available at launch! On top of that, many of these games are being packaged for free with Touch (Dead and Buried, Medium, First Contact, Quill, Toybox, The Unspoken, and VR Sports Challenge).

Oculus also pointed out that some big name games would be coming soon in 2017 - we are particularly excited for Robo Recall and Lone Echo!

If for whatever reason you still haven't preordered, Best Buy still has Touch available and will have it delivered to you by early next week!

Oculus Touch customers are reporting receiving emails that their order is shipping soon. Some have even received a tracking number that gives their package a December 6th delivery (the official release day).

Up until now it was assumed that orders from the Oculus website probably would not start shipping until the 6th. Meanwhile Amazon and Best Buy orders have been giving a December 6th delivery date for a few weeks now. News that Oculus will also be shipping early puts everyone receiving their order at generally the same time. The big caveat with the Oculus website orders is that so far only those with an early priority slot (those that preordered the Rift in the first few minutes) or those who live in countries with few orders have received the delivery emails. It's still not clear how many preorders Oculus plans to try and deliver ON the release day (or even ship), but they have stated that it won't be everyone!

VR Gaming / Oculus' Guides to 360 degree and Roomscale VR
« on: November 30, 2016, 02:57:44 pm »
Guide for 2 sensor 360 degree setup
Guide for 3 sensor 360 degree setup

These guides will come in handy when you get your Touch if you want to try to set it up for 360 degrees!

News and Announcements / Oculus Touch Preorders Begin Processing
« on: November 29, 2016, 12:22:08 am »
Preorders for the Oculus Touch that were made on the Oculus site have begun processing. Those who ordered from the site are receiving emails letting them know about the order processing. So far only a few have gotten the emails - some of the "priority status" orders (those connected to Rift preorders). This would imply we're once again in store for an F5 refresh of emails, spreadsheets talking about minutes, and everything else you loved to hate about the Rift preorders - albeit hopefully condensed into just a few weeks.

If you preordered from Amazon or Best Buy, however, you should expect to receive your Touch on December 6th. If you try to preorder NOW, however, expect to wait until at least January!

There were three main ways to preorder the Oculus Touch - Oculus' website, Amazon, and Best Buy. If you are crazy like me, you ordered from all three in hopes of determining which one would get it to you the fastest! For the longest time Amazon did not have a shipping date, stating they needed more info first. Other Amazon orders, however, did have a December 8th delivery. Today, however, Amazon orders began updating to reflect a release day December 6th delivery!

Meanwhile Oculus orders still just give a window from December 6th - 15th. Best Buy claims they have both in-store pickup and delivery for the 6th, though there's currently nothing that guarantees that date. It appears Amazon will be the first to arrive - or at least tie with Best Buy. Congrats Amazon - I've cancelled my Oculus and Best Buy preorders!

Update 1.10 begins to pave the way for Touch launch on December 6th. Asynchronous Space Warp is now automatically enabled, so anyone with a compatible video card will start reaping the benefits immediately!

You can also now preview the Oculus Avatar editor if you know where to look. Simply navigate to this file on your hard drive:


From there you can get a sneak peek of the Avatar system. Of course the hands won't work until you actually get your Touch controllers!

Every Tuesday Oculus is posting a blog about a Touch game. Today was about Dead and Buried. This Tuesday they casually dropped in that Dead and Buried would be free at Touch launch! It's great to have another free muliplayer game coming! See all the details here:

VR Gaming / Arizona Sunshine Closed Beta
« on: October 27, 2016, 04:22:30 pm »
You can sign up for their closed beta on their website. There's also a VR trailer you can download and experience! Arizona Sunshine is supposed to be a co-op zombie shooter for the Rift/Touch and Vive.

VR Gaming / Lone Echo
« on: October 17, 2016, 10:08:12 pm »
UploadVR's Impressions

This game sounds like something we can potentially sink our teeth into. While we still haven't gotten into MMO territory with VR yet, this seems like a perfect combination of Rocket League, Ender's Game, Tron, Tribes, and who knows what else. The impressions that have been coming out of OC3 for the mulitplayer have been extremely positive. 5v5 ultimate frisbee in Zero G with Iron man handjets. Apparently it doesn't make you motion sick either due to its intuitive movement.

It seems like a really good game to focus on strategy and teamwork with. If you haven't, read Ender's Game and then try to tell me you don't want to do something like that in VR!

VR Gaming / Upcoming Touch Games: What to Get
« on: October 11, 2016, 03:24:36 pm »
There's over 30 50 games launching on and around the Touch release. With so many games, I thought I would give a quick rundown of them and which I think are worth getting! See reviews and trailers here.

Must Buys

VR Sports Challenge - free! Should be like Wii Sports.
The Unspoken - free! One-on-one spellcasting duels.
Robo Recall - free! Epic games took their BulletTrain demo and made an arcade-y, fun FPS out of it. Looks awesome, and even better it is free, so nothing to lose!
Nvidia's VR Funhouse - free, I believe! A trip to the carnival. Nvidia's VR tech demo.
Dead and Buried - free! 2v2 Wild West shootout. Should be fun multiplayer!
Oculus Medium - Free! I'm not much of an artist, but it could become an important tool. Should be fun to mess around in!
Oculus Quill - Free! Again, I'm not much of an artist, but it should be cool to create in VR.
Superhot - BulletTime Matrix GunFu. Yes please!
Lone Echo - Apparently the zero g movement mechanic works very well. It has an impressive single campaign and a kick-ass Tron meets Enders Game 5v5 multiplayer. Sounds amazing!
Wilson's Heart - One of the only single player games on my "must buy" list, it seems super immersive and creepy...but not in a jump scare kind of way. Looking forward to a story-driven VR narrative!
Ripcoil - Pong meets Tron. It apparently has a unique movement system that works really well. Seems like a fun multiplayer game!
Sports Bar VR - multiplayer, uses Oculus Avatars. Pool, darts, and more!
Arizona Sunshine - Zombie game, BUT it has campaign co-op. Who's gonna play with me??

Probably Buys
Rock Band VR - Seems like it could be lots of fun, but the gameplay will be different than typical Rock Band. I'll wait for more reviews.
Arktika.1 - Seems like a AAA FPS. Positive reviews. Single player, though, so might pick this up on a sale down the line.
Killing Floor: Incursion - Depends on the co-op mode. Another zombie shooter. Instead of standing still and fighting waves, though, you can explore and solve puzzles as well. In terms of co-op shooters, I'm not sure if this or Arizona Sunshine should be a priority.
Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Multiplayer teamwork in the Star Trek universe. Sounds cool. I'm not sure what the replayability is, though.

Looks Good
I Expect You To Die - Fun puzzle game. I haven't tried it with motion controllers. I'm sure that will add to the game.
Luna - Puzzle game. Not much is known, but it's from the creators of Journey, so that gives it a bit of hype.
Fantastic Contraption - Puzzle Construction game. Seems like a decent time killer.
The Climb - Touch controllers adds a lot to it. Still prefer Lone Echo if I had to choose between the two, though.
Job Simulator - Basically mess around with stuff. Seems fun at a first pass, but I'm not sure about replayability.
Space Pirate Trainer - Apparently popular on the Vive, looks like fun gunplay. A bit too arcade-like for me personally. Maybe something to pick up cheap.
Cosmic Trip - First person RTS. Looks good, but I'm not sure it would keep me coming back.
Technolust - While it looks interesting, I haven't picked it up yet. The inclusion of Touch controls may convince me to pick it up when it's on sale again - not sure.

Serious Sam VR - wave shooter
Pro Fishing Challenge VR - fishing. Yawn...
Kingspray - spray graffiti. K...
ZR: Zombie Riot - Zombie wave shooter. Better choices than this one.
Final Approach - Uh, you're an air traffic controller. Supposedly fun, but doesn't seem interesting.
Pulsar Arena - I don't know much about this, but the trailer looks like shit.
Dead Hungry - seems one note
MoonStrikeVR - Not much to go on, but it's an RTS. Not really my cup of tea.
Project Hikari - manga reader...
Surgeon Simulator - Looks to be VR gimmick.
Viral Ex - Really basic GearVR shooter port.

It's the grouping system we've been waiting for! First, you will be able to customize your own avatar. VR developers will be able to implement this avatar into their games. This means you could potentially be in your avatar in AscensionVR, Dragon Front, AltSpace, etc. It can easily be compared to Nintendo's Mii avatar system.

So you have your avatar - now what. Well, now you can form parties outside of applications. You and up to seven of your friends can group up for voice chat in Oculus Home. But is voice chat enough? Oculus is taking it a step further. You can take your party and go into an Oculus Room. From here you can chat, play mini-games, and launch multiplayer games/apps as a group! VR will now have a true launching pad!

This is obviously all great news for us! I'm really excited for these features to be implemented. Oculus Avatars are coming to the Rift December 6th with the rest of the system coming "early next year".

Most VR enthusiasts are familiar with Asynchronous Timewarp, a trick that simulates a frame based on head rotation when a frame is dropped. Now Oculus has come out with Asynchronous Spacewarp, and it's a game changer.

Asynchronous Spacewarp is able to simulate the position of any tracked object (head and hands) when a frame is dropped, and reposition the frame and animation to compensate. It does this so effectively that you can run VR programs at 45 FPS and use ASW (Asynchronous Spacewarp) to still get 90 FPS.

You know those "fill in the pattern tests"? What's the next number in the sequence: 2, 4, 6, __. Asynchronous Spacewarp is basically doing that with the position/location of everything being tracked. So your hand or head is moving along and there's a hiccup. ASW tracks the pattern of movement and automatically continues it through the missed frame. So instead of a missed frame, you get a simulated frame that shows your hand, head, and scene in the right position. Before it could only do this with rotation of your head. Now it can do this with any tracked item going any direction.

It's actually good enough that you can run games at 45 FPS and do this for every other frame, making it effectively 90 FPS. You have no way of knowing which frame is real tracked data and which is simulated since it happens so fast and is so accurate.

All of this means that instead of needing hardware that can run games at 90 FPS, you only need hardware that can run games at 45 FPS to be "VR ready"! Oculus has announced the new minimum spec to be an i3-6100 and GTX 960! If you have a beefy computer already, this means you can crank up the settings without worrying about positional judder!

The details have been revealed. Oculus Touch will cost $199 and launches in bulk December 6th. Pre-orders will open up October 10th. No word yet on how your "reserved spot" from the Rift pre-orders will work. Oculus officially supports roommscale by buying a THIRD sensor for $79. You can also buy in-ear headphones for $49.

General / The Latest from Oculus Connect 3!
« on: October 05, 2016, 03:24:36 pm »
I'll try to keep this updated as news comes in!

-Mark Zuckerberg teases more info on Facebook/Oculus Social coming tomorrow!
-Trailer for Landfall, a new multiplayer RTS
-Trailer for Vox Machinae. Some of you may remember the demo for this game back in the day
-Trailer for Dead Hungry, a Touch game where you feed zombies hamburgers
-Trailer for Enigma Sphere, a co-op Touch game that is being compared to Portal 2's co-op.
-Day 1 Daily Intel Summary via Oculus Twitch
-Carmack Teases Inside-Out Tracking Announcement During Keynotes

-Touch pre-orders open October 10th. Price is $199. Launches December 6th.
-You can buy a third sensor for $79 to get roommscale.
-New (better, apparently) headphones available for $49.
-Asynchronous Spacewarp announced (Timewarp that works for positional tracking as well). This effectively lowers the minimum spec requirement for Rift.
-Oculus Avatars, Parties, and Rooms announced. Bunch of social stuff! Launching on GearVR in a few weeks and Rift at the beginning of next year.
-Free games bundled with Touch: The Unspoken and VR Sports Challenge. RoboRecall will also be free, but isn't releasing until early next year.
-RoboRecall trailer, what BulletTrain has turned into!
-Oculus shows inside-out future tech. States a standalone Rift is the future.

-Touch Reviewed (CNet)
-Tested Hand-On with Lone Echo
-Full Facebook Social Demo
-Oculus WebVR (Beginning of the Metaverse). Reminds me of JanusVR.
-Superhot Hands On
-Tested VR Minutes Podcast: OC3 Special

News and Announcements / Oculus Connect 3 THIS WEEK!
« on: October 02, 2016, 07:55:13 pm »
At long last we'll be getting that ever elusive thing - details! Touch controllers, Oculus Social, and more!

Oculus Connect starts Wednesday, October 5th, but you should expect the big announcements to come at the opening keynote Thursday morning. Join us in Discord Thursday at 12 p.m. CST to react and chat to all the announcements live! See the full Oculus Connect schedule here.

The big news everyone is anticipating is the release date and price of the Touch controllers. Six months after the shaky launch of the Rift, everyone is expecting a fairly quick launch of Touch once details are released. If we're going off of rumors and speculation, there's a lot of Touch games whose release date is slated for around October 21st. If you were one of the ones who pre-ordered the Rift (and consequently got hit with the shipping delay), it wouldn't be surprising if your Touch launches sometime in October.

As for price of the Touch controllers, most evidence (websites leaking the order page early) points to the price being somewhere around $199. It's hard to imagine the Touch controllers being more expensive considering that places the full Oculus package at the same price as HTC's Vive ($800 total). I wouldn't be surprised if Oculus actually tried to undercut that price and make it a little cheaper, but it most likely won't be by much. The extreme optimist in me is hoping they provide Touch for free to those affected by the Rift shipping delays, but I'm not holding my breath.

Looking at the Oculus Connect schedule, it seems there will be a focus on Oculus Social as well. Right now you can only find Oculus Social in beta form on the Gear VR, but Facebook has actually showed off an interesting prototype of a Facebook-integrated social VR platform with Touch controllers. Video below:

Small | Large

Considering how many multiplayer games are coming to Oculus once Touch is released, it wouldn't be surprising to see Oculus' social platform begin to roll out soon. Currently it is sorely missing and seems like a no-brainer for a VR platform.

You'll want to keep a close eye out for news on these Touch-enabled multiplayer games:

* Dead and Buried
* Ripcoil
* Killing Floor: Incursion
* The Unspoken
* Minecraft
* Star Trek: Bridge Crew

This list doesn't include all of the Steam VR multiplayer games that will be compatible with Rift once Touch comes out! This will be made easier with Oculus' own "chaperone" system called Guardian. This will allow Rift+Touch to comfortably do room-scale games that were originally designed with the Vive in mind.

We should be getting a good number of announcements and details this week, so stay tuned for the latest!

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