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Author Topic: The Beta Report- Story Gate, Coding, & Walrus' fashion s  (Read 843 times)


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The Beta Report- Story Gate, Coding, & Walrus' fashion s
« on: November 04, 2004, 07:47:51 pm »
I took a few hours to jump into beta as a player last night and had some fun. One of the things I like about our game is you don’t need a lot of time to feel like you’ve done something. I jacked in, ran around beating up gangs for a bit, then jumped into a mission. Level up! W00t!

My latest play character just hit level 5 I got a nice memory boost, so it was ability shopping time. And, since I’m looking for the right vendor anyway, I might as well get a new pair of boots while I’m at it, right?

mxo.walrus = slave to fashion

All of that was in one hour of playing. The next hour I spent wandering around, reproducing bugs, and generally seeing what all of you were up to. It seems most of you were having a good time bashing gangs and node running. All-in-all a good night.

QA Test Server
They just posted another patch to the QA Test server and will be trying to get it up today. As soon as I hear from the ops team, I’ll let you know what’s going on. I didn’t see whether it came up earlier, but hopefully they’ll be able to get it running after beta hours tonight if the patch went well.

You Too Can Prevent Region Crashes
While we highly encourage everyone to socialize in game, one of the worst places to do so is around a hardline. At the more popular hardlines, like Mara and Tabor Park, there’s a constant load of players jacking in which is already increasing the server load.

Why not find a nearby club to gather at? Even moving over to the Polyvinyl or moving across a nearby street to gather can help decrease the load around the hardline considerably.

Good Bug Reporting
A little note about providing good bugs: The best bug reports are ones where you’ve reproduced the bug and give us the steps you took to do so. Unfortunately, just providing a screen shot of the result doesn’t usually give our QA team enough to work with.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t report bugs that you only see once—especially if you include a description of exactly what you were doing when it occurred. But make sure you take a look at the My Stuff tab in the customer care system (/ccr or every once and a while to see if we need more information.

If you do report a single occurrence and then are later able to reproduce the bug, you can go to your My Stuff tab and update the bug with more information. Every bit of detail helps!

I like questions I know the answers to, such as whether coders will be able to compile things that won’t be available from vendors.

Yes. Coders will be able to create many things not available from vendors, including specific code fragments required for compiling high-level items. There will even be special recipes for Coders you won’t be able to get just by leveling up.

Storyline Across Worlds
Many folks wonder how we’re planning on running The Matrix Online story across multiple worlds. I sat down with Toby and got some details.

You can look at storyline missions as leading to a series of “gates”. As one Organization passes through the gate, they unlock story content that they have exclusive access to for a short period of time after which the other Organizations will be able to participate.

On multiple worlds, different Organizations will get through each gate first. If the Machines on one world make it to a point in the story first while Zion makes it across first in another, each not only has bragging rights on their world but also with their sister Organizations on the other worlds.

The speed at which storyline content is unlocked is heavily influenced by the players on each server. While this will create possible spoilers when the first world passes through a gate, players can avoid reading about what happens for the short time until their world gets there. Or perhaps an Organization on one world will offer assistance to their partners on other worlds.

Patch Size
The patch size for monthly updates tends to be fairly large—usually about 500 MB. The final version of the patch isn’t ready, but I’ll try to get more information for you.

We also try to get these patches up as early as possible—you can update the game even when the servers aren’t open for testing. When the patch is ready we’ll make an announcement.

Hoot Says: Play The Game!
Sorry, I just love the billboards the artists put into the game. :)

That’s all for now. Catch another edition of the beta report tomorrow. And keep an eye on your email for the latest newsletter due out today or tomorrow.

See you on the other side of the Looking Glass.




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