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Author Topic: Problem with Code Analyser's bits needed for frags  (Read 667 times)

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Problem with Code Analyser's bits needed for frags
« on: December 03, 2004, 12:04:34 am »
This might be a solutions to the lack of frags problem. (If you can't wait until they fix the problem. It's been a while already...)

In order to create frags, you require a combination of code bits and Code Analyser right? And everyone now noticed the bug where several frags require the same combination of bits. (ex. the combination bit1 and bit2 is responsible for over 5 diff frags but it creates only T01 or something). This makes it impossible to create some frags with Code Analyser.

So basically, the "suggested" combination of bits for a lot of the frags are wrong. However, when you click on a frag to create, it shows some bits, and you can remove those bits to create new combinations*. In other words, you can hit all the combination of bits.

I believe that you can still create those frags with the right combination of bits. The MXO database must have the correct combination in it somewhere. The suggested combinations are just wrong. I bet if someone tries all the combination of bits they can get all the frags.**

Here are a quick list of combinations that might work:
Bit1 Bit1
Bit2 Bit2
Bit2 Bit4
Bit2 Bit6

I don't have all the bits so i can't try these combinations. I don't know what they make. They are not "visibily" associated with any frags but might magically create the frags that people need.

If someone has the time, try it out and let me know.


*Note1: You cannot drag away bits that show up as red (if you don't have them in your inventory). So someone with all the bits should be trying this.

**Note2: The order of the bits doesn't matter. So the combination "bit1 bit2" is the same as "bit2 bit1". That decreases the number of combinations by a lot. Also, only try up to a combination of 3.

WARNING: Whenever you get a wrong combination, it gives you an error and the client crashes. (i.e. the cursor becomes the clock thingy and you have to alt+F4).



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