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Author Topic: I would like to apologize..  (Read 576 times)


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I would like to apologize..
« on: December 16, 2004, 10:05:37 pm »
Hello Fellow FA members,

It has come to my attention that there has been some skepticism about my loyalty and dedication to the faction-I would like to clear some things up
First off, I am finally 50(Special thanks to Kosila and Grimkitten :) ) and I am looking forward to spending more time with you guys whether it be in the construct or a dungeon or just hanging around dueling.  I know I have not been very involved with events, especially construct fights, but I really hope to change that.
Next, Iíd like to clear something up about my grouping with members of different factions.  My old friend, who is a member of 3kings, invited me to his missionís team; it seemed that he was able to get the convert missions working.  The team was not just 3kings, it had many different players from many other factions (all Zion of course though:))-I announced that the exploit might be working again but I suppose it was just a fluke with him.
On a more personal note I would like to apologize to a few people, who when I look back I have not been very courteous to-
Grimkitten, the stupid jokes I made about was not meant to offend you, it was merely a sarcastic comment, I was caught up in the moment. When I look back on it I see that I was very rude to you and hurt your feelings, I did not mean to do anything of the sort and I am truly sorry, I hope you can forgive me someday.
Eroz, that night I must have been really caught up in the thought of possibly becoming 50 and I got a bit out of hand with my excitement and I offended you, I apologize for that.  We have not talked that much and I have made a bad impression on you but I hope we can still become friends.
Lithium, you find me annoying and immature. I look back and see that you were right,  Iíll try my hardest to take it down a notch, or maybe a few, BUT if I do get out of hand or too annoying I want you to kick me from TS and let me realize what I was doing.
Broin, I remember a few nights ago you guys needed help in the construct but I did not come, in fact I showed some animosity toward you about not going.  I am pretty disgusted with myself for being such anÖidiot.  I thank you for setting me straight and ill do my best to show up whenever you guys need help in the construct or in any other situation.
Thatís all I can think of at the moment but if I offended anyone else I am truly sorry, and I would really appreciate it if you sent me a message to set me straight if I do such things again.  I have a bad habit of getting into things a bit much sometimes.
That will about wrap it up- oh and Tbone I will do all that I can to uphold the honor and integrity of the faction---I look forward to fighting alongside of all of you in the future.



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