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Author Topic: Rough Draft for forums  (Read 792 times)

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Rough Draft for forums
« on: February 08, 2005, 10:32:44 pm »
I made a post on the MxO beta general forums about FA using exploits. I basically said we weren't using any. Of course things were brought into question, and this is my reply. Check Beta General for the rest of the thread. It is titled "Exploitations? What what?". Here's my reply, and I'm submitting it for proofreading/approval:

"We have nothing to hide. As I said, we have known of previous exploits. After the second wipe (I had a lvl 20 and lvl 30 character deleted), we ran across an "exploit" where you could spawn the same mission in the same area. The mission repeated, so you could easily grind your way up. We reported it and even showed the staff exactly how it was done. Afterwards, we used it to get to a high enough level to test out the high-end content. That patch had just added all the high level stuff, and we had already tested it pretty thoroughly. We felt it was important to get the high level side of the game tested, and since we were in our 30s anyway, it seemed a logical thing to do. The staff were well aware of everything we were doing, as we gave them constant updates with anything we found.

After the patch that fixed most of the exploits we had reported, we decided it was no longer necessary to "get to the top" to test - by this point many other groups had found exploits and were at the top as well, so it was pretty well tested.

I can't speak for individuals, but as a group, we haven't exploited in a good while. If I approached you asking about an exploit, it was because I was compiling a list of XP exploits for a ccr and, unfortunately, I didn't know of any of the new ones because we were no longer searching for that. It no longer served a constructive purpose.

The wipe signifies a fresh start. Obviously if our characters were permanent, none of us would ever exploit in the first place (at least most of us), but as I mentioned earlier, this testing phase seems to be about balance and stressing the systems.

Now you could debate forever as to whether or not it is right or wrong to exploit, even if you think you have a good reason for doing so (to get levels you already had, to test high level content, etc.), but that's not what this is about. A few factions/individuals would like to manipuate the truth to paint us in a bad light, so I'm "showing you my cards".

This isn't a revelation or a change of heart - this is merely a clarification of events. Last year (October? September?) we found a pretty easy way of leveling by running the same mission over and over. We had all tested the low level content, so we sped through to test the new stuff. Obviously this put us at an advantage in the Construct, but the Construct was not even open during this time. If you feel cheated because of this, I would like to apologize. Our original purpose was not to cheat our way above you. Like I said, we've been working pretty closely with the staff on the exploits. Our opinion was that the big error was in finding an exploit and not reporting it.

Anyway, I want to encourage everyone else not to use exploits. Find them? Yes. Use them? No. If you would like to condemn us for our previous transgressions, that is your choice, but remember that none of us are perfect. Sneaker's faction, for example, the Collective, have been seen a few times since the wipe using an exploit that unfortuantely has not been fixed yet. Should we condemn the group or the individual? I don't think that's really our decision. (If Collective members would like to discuss this so you can address the issue, you know how to contact me).

My personal advice is that if you catch something you think is suspicious, take a quick screenie and submit a petition. I would simply state that you think you may have seen some sort of an exploit, explain what you know about it, and give them the name of the person so that they can contact them to get the details of the exploit, especially if you're not sure what was going on. If that person is a part of a group/faction and you know the leader, you might want to talk with them about it so they're aware of it. Spreading rumors or half-truths only spreads the exploit, and thus you are doing more harm than good. As it was pointed out earlier, talk is cheap. Report what needs to be reported and move on.

Ok, I'm going to end this so I don't talk in circles. If anyone has any issues with FA, you can contact me in-game under the name "Tbo" (yeah, my name got pwned). I'm willing to talk about any issues anyone might have. We're far from perfect, and so I wanna know when we're making mistakes ;) I also encourage other factions and gaming groups to keep lines of communication open - best way to solve things without getting into a flame war. Catch ya in the Matrix!"



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