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General / My news.
« on: June 14, 2012, 05:57:37 pm »
Still have some friends over here who may be interested in this:

So yesterday my wife and I went to the doctor in the early afternoon. She wasn't progressing, so we scheduled an induction for next Tuesday.

Fast forward 8 hours and I had to type "Sorry, I have to leave the WZ... My wifes water just broke." Best-reason-ever.

Fast forward 15 hours and:

Say hello to little Fuse.

General / Fuse's Departure...
« on: May 17, 2012, 09:48:07 am »
"I'm going to the grave as FA"
Well, that was the plan at least...

It was suggested to me that it may be beneficial to explain my recent departure from FA. Or at least address members in some way - so while this will lack many of the answers I'm sure you guys have questions to, at least it will let you into my head a little. My vagueness will suck, sorry for that. I'm not sure how comfortable I feel dishing thoughts at this point, so my apologies if I end up saying something that doesn't come off right, it's one of the reasons I wanted to wait a while. My original intent was to leave and break from even swtor to clear my head.
I was asked to do this by a friend, and I'm still not sure if it's the right time to jot down my thoughts, or the right thing to do - but hey, I rarely hold back, right? He had suggested that my leaving will have a bigger impact on the group than I may realize. If you ask any of the people who have contacted me in the last two days, you'll hear that I haven't been very detailed. I have issues, but I was not planning to go out bitching. I respect FA greatly, despite how I've been told I come off. My issues are not all necessarily with FA requiring a change, it just means I may not mesh with where we are in swtor.

This was a personal decision. I have tried very hard to explain that to everyone who has contacted me. I have tried very hard to let them understand that I did not think all of my issues were along the lines of "this is WRONG with FA" just that I was unhappy with the way some things were going. Disagreeing is fine - it's expected, and is ok for the group. I was quite bothered when I've been told "If you don't like something, bring it up or change it". This happened as recently as two days ago, a day after I /gquit. I'm pretty surprised anyone thinks I don't bring things up and talk to people about what I think may help situations. If it's not recognized that I have tried to make changes or bring things up, there's an issue in the way I communicate to the group, and that I have to own. Again, perhaps not "wrong" on anyones case, but stressful and upsetting. In some cases, I have been disappointed with the results of discussions or efforts. Again, that's fine for the group, and I'm ok with an effort not going as expected - But that doesn't mean I have to be ok with being bound by that result. (I am not necessarily talking "results" as in decisions by our leaders, by the way. For the most part, any issues I may have with leadership decisions is not specifically in scope of this post.)

So why leave? Why not make changes form the inside? Here's the key part of my decision - it takes a level of effort that I am not sure I'm willing to put forth anymore, especially with some personal things going on IRL. I also haven't been received well when I have brought stuff up in the past (again, I'll own that in some cases this was my own fault) - and that can affect my interest in pushing for other changes in the future. I hate saying that I'm not willing to put forth more effort into something for FA, because I love you guys and love the group.

In regards to how I left... I wish I could take that back. The incident I had with a member was not the reason I left. It was the small straw that broke the camels back. He, as a person, was not the reason I left. I'm an not that sensitive. I wish it would have gone differently, but at that time, I simply thought "wow, I don't need to deal with this shit" and finally made my decision. The "shit" was a disagreement on how to handle a warzone - which I was ok with, but I was not ok with the way he handled it. Instead of arguing, I decided I didn't need to deal with it. (yes, I know ignoring it would have achieved a similar effect) Again, that was a small reason for my /gquit and while I understand that the impression may be that the disagreement alone did it, it's not. I sent a message to T saying I needed a break away from FA for a while/indefinitely. I've been accused of not being loyal and disrespecting the guild in the way I left. As I mentioned, I regret the way it happened, but divorce is rarely done gracefully. At that specific time, I was more concerned with my own needs/wants than FAs. You may look down on me for that, but it's the best explanation I have for now... For any disrespect you may have sensed, I'm sorry. To that member, I'm sorry I made you a focus of this.

Where from here for me? For now, playing swtor when I can with WZers. I'm not guild shopping. I've been approached by three and I explained to them all, as I've explained to you guys, that I'm soloing it for a while and am not currently interested. Weeks from now maybe that will change. Maybe I'll follow the signal again, I have no clue. I've grouped up for WZs in voice chat with people from CE, OOS, Guardians, Watchmen, and have even grouped with you guys since. (That's why you've seen my in the guest channel - which apparently is frowned on now) and not being limited to one voice chat alone has allowed me to be better at the game, especially in pug situations.
I was told last night that I need to either "go or stay...If you want to play with FA, be in FA" - Well I already went. but unless you feel slighted by my personal decision, I don't think that should have to do with the ability to play well together. To the person who said that, I think you're in a small minority that would even have the balls to say that to someone, and is a great example of a personality trait which pushed my decision to where we are today - F-you if you think you can tell me who I can play with - especially now. Which reminds me, I'll still be around for Friday night fun nights when I can - Hell, last week 2 people from other guilds were there and in TS with drunken FA members, right? - so I'm cool, right?

Where from here for FA? The reason I try to retain details is because I don't want my concerns to become any else's. I've been an angel for over 7 years. It's the only gaming group I've been a part of, and it really is a great one. Just possibly not one that I fit anymore. Because of my length of stay, I agree this may affect the group more so than someone brand new. It's a respect that I appreciate, and I hate to feel like I let you guys down. For that, I apologize. FA is not "Fuse", obviously. If you're happy with how FA is, the issues I've had should have little weight on your impression. If you have issues, and have the opportunity and ability to change things, DO IT!
I've also been told that my resistance to talking about my concerns now leads to that "bigger fear of the unknown" situation... We're all playing this game to have fun. Does FA contribute to your fun? If so then my thoughts can stay unknown to you, because they don't matter. Does FA hinder your fun? Then act. I feel like acting towards change wasn't an option for me anymore, or at least not one I was willing to go through the headaches to enact. (again, not necessarily proud of that statement, but I'm ok looking bad when it's warranted, and I'll always attempt to be honest with you)

One of the reasons I decided to write this is because I've had other members tell me straight up that they're about to leave. I told them my decision should not affect theirs - though I realize that might not be reasonable. I urged them to reconsider, and hope they put as much thought into their decision as I have. Hearing that others are looking at leaving at this point REALLY bothers me because I feel responsible, but I've been told it's because they sense on their own that something doesn't "fit" with them either. My leaving is not a red flag, but instead is a result of red flags that were here before I left. That's made apparent by others who have left us, or are considering it. If you do not see those red flags, then FA is for you, and we disagree with how things should be - and that's ok. Not every group is for every single player. I'll break my rule of not many details here, but the first response from an old time member was to tell me to essentially stay away from FA because they "don't want [me] encouraging others to leave". (Yes quoted from the screenshot). When this is your opening thought about ME OF ALL PEOPLE, then THIS is a red flag, and added to my feeling that I made the right choice.

This is not me 'feeding the cancer' as I've been accused of in the past - it's what I've heard and my opinion. Acknowledging a cancer is not spreading it, especially when it is done with concern. I shouldn't be made to feel guilty or have to walk on eggshells because I bring up the fact that others have considered leaving - which is what happened last time I mentioned something similar - instead there should be some effort to find out where the issues are - that's my opinion at least.

I feel like I can already hear the replies of "bullshit!" now.  I don't claim to be right, or understand all the feelings that led me to this decision %100, but I know I've been disappointed with things for a while and it was an option. Good or bad, if I regret it later in the future or not, I made my decision and T made it very apparent to me last night it was the right one.

I'm not dead. I'm not quitting swtor. If you want to group, I welcome it. If you want to chat, I would hope that since even non-swtor playing people can join TS, and we've had other friends of members in there, I won't be denied the access to the guest channel. (So far FA is one of very few guilds I'm aware of that doesn't have other guilds actively participate in their voice chat - Maybe that's a suggestion for better interaction with others in the future, BTW. Freebie)
I hope I haven't tarnished my personal friendships with you because of this. Please know that was not my intent, and my issues were never with the individual members of FA.
For those I've been with a long time - I hope you understand how close to my heart FA is. Don't think for a second I ever tried to take it for granted.


T said he would move this from the public forum to the private one, but I do not have access anymore, so I won't be able to see replies, respond, or go "I wrote that, but it didn't come out the way I meant it to!" and edit it.. I would still expect to see you guys in game, though, or you can reach me with the info below.
Fuze (imp)
Fusee (imp)

Non-VR Games / PvP Gameplay Videos
« on: May 07, 2012, 03:13:56 am »
I would like to get more serious about streaming stuff, and also saving decent games. Tonight was my first night of really saving and reviewing the games. I asked everyone if it was ok I streamed these, but if there is an issue, let me know.

I've highlighted some key points in these games... Let me know if you guys like these and want more.
There is a lot of fluff talk here while waiting, so I outlined the good parts, and when games start/end.' height='300' id='clip_embed_player_flash' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='400'>'>

T, Broin, Lith
Huttball Win

2:11 - Pass to top ramp, score
3:07 - I was waiting behind Easymode for the BC to pass to him. When I saw them pass I was going to force wave him away and intercept the ball. Instead they jumped to him.
6:14 - T runs the wrong way. (You're welcomed, T) :)
9:55 win screen

============================================================' height='300' id='clip_embed_player_flash' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='400'>'>

T, Broin, Lith
Voidstar Win

0:30 - Lith reminding me we're getting away from the door, and I run back and pull my target in to finish him off.
2:36 - Notice my quick (Shift+Tab) to target Broin, (Shift-Q) to guard him, then (Tab) to get back to fighting. Total time, maybe half a second. (Referred to as "Quick Guard" from now on)
2:42 - Seconds after Guarding him, I see he's getting hit, so I turn and pull his attacker to me and stun him
5:37 - Again, I see two imps hitting on a teammate, so in the middle of a fight, I select, and guard him. Again, it take a very short amount of time before I'm back attacking.
6:28 - I finally realize my mass mind control (taunt) was still unbound. Watch me fix this on my left hotkey bar. /facepalm (So my protection wont be high for this match)
8:29 - Beginning of attack. I pull a guy, force wave him back, and stun him. This gives someone at the door about 10 seconds before the imp is back in range.
I play around with 1-2 imps for a few seconds before I finally get the plant at 8:58.
9:35 - Scoreboard. 19 medals.

============================================================' height='300' id='clip_embed_player_flash' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='400'>'>

Alderaan Win

I kept going back and forth in this one. Lots of Shadow action.

3:25-4:20 - Good defense of point.
4:45 Example of how you SHOULD be defending a point. Always watch the point for that stealth cap.
6:08 - "Head on a swivel". As I run to the other side because there are too many people there, I watch the point to be sure someone is staying. I see someone just got off a speeder, so tell Nukom two are guarding it and I'm OMW.
9:00 - I LOVE pulling people away from where they expect and killing them.

============================================================' height='300' id='clip_embed_player_flash' type='application/x-shockwave-flash' width='400'>'>

15:00-30:10: Huttball Loss
T, Nukom

15:00 - My "get huttball" start.
15:38 - Pass to T. Unfortunately he was killed.
16:28 - For everyone who bitches they can't stun/knockback someone, here's how I paid back this mercenary. Watch how close it was that I hit my resilience (bottom right ability) to where he hits his jetpack knockback... I was VERY close to being knocked back to the fire, or at the very least knocked off the ledge. He was probably quite pissed.
17:55 - Pass T to me on elbow for score
19:20 - I threw it behind T. /facepalm
21:10 - Interception, position call, pass to elbow for score.
23:10 - Sooooo close to an intreception! :(
23:15 - T and I both being a "second too late" :(
25:52 - T moves it and has a good pass to me for a score. We follow the up with T grabbing the ball and getting it to me, but right as I was about to score again, I was pulled back.
30:10 - Score Screen


35:30-46:30: NovaCoast Win
Jeyk, Nukom

35:55 - Jeyk and I discussing opening strat to take east with transcendence.
37:07 - Game start with Nukom, Jeyk and I taking east. Me with Transendance, Speed pot, and Force Speed.
39:00 - Big wave attack. I called the pugs to east 3-4 times, no one came. I hate pugs.
40:50 - Started going west, but decided Nukom was more important to be with that group so came back.


57:00 - 1:08:40: Voidstar Win - 23 Medals!

Crazy game where I got 23 medals... Lots of stuff going on. Nukom got me a crapton of protection, over 103K!!

59:50 - Nukom dies... because of this, I have my first death a few seconds later
1:00:21 - Quick Guard on Eeth.
1:00:32 - I saw the healing circle pop on the ground. When Easymode tried to get me to chase him I ran back to it and pulled a healer to me.
1:01:25 - Again, I see the healing circle and I fight in it...
1:03:10 - It may be hard to see what happened here, but this one of my favorite moves! Every shadow, learn this... I was in a fight with two imps. One was behind the pillar, I assumed he was only in combat with me. I popped into stealth using Force Cloak, I mind mazed him, popped out, and started healing right in front of him. Love it.
1:05:00 start of Round2
1:05:20 - I have fun with MM and running around a pillar. Then I 1v1 a guy for my assassin medal, then I take out the other guy there before getting jumped while running for the door.
1:07:44 - Quick Guard on Dayfly
1:08:40 - Score screen


1:15:10: Huttball

Only a partial game.

1:15:41 - I kept an eye on the minimap and saw where a teammate was and prepared to throw based on that.
1:16:09 - Shit I fell.
1:17:37 - Pass to Fuse for the score...
1:18:06 - Shit I fell.
1:19:05 - Shit I fell.
1:20:20 - Same scoring drive as at 1:15:41.

Non-VR Games / Macros and you...
« on: April 25, 2012, 03:14:31 am »
Macros and you...

While SWTOR doesn't allow us to set our own macros (yet) those of us with gaming keyboards might have the ability to assign them to special keys. I have the Anasi keyboard which has 5 macro keys on the left, and then 7 "thumb" macro keys just below the space bar. I will outline the thought process behind my macros, and hopefully it will help you guys with yours.

One purpose of a macro is to do a whole bunch of stuff at once... I use them to be assured I get every bit of "unf!" out of my hits, and I can never blame a death or a lost point on forgetting to hit my CDs.
Another great use of macros is to deal with hotkey space. You'll see in my hotkey setup that I use many odd modifiers. This is because my fingers actually will never hit Shift with something on the right side of my keyboard for instance - It's setup that way specifically for the macro to use without getting in the way of my other important keybinds.

After much tweaking, I consolidated my needs into two macros: An offensive, and a Heal macro; with some abilities overlapping.

The purpose of this is to blow my "make dmg numbers go up" CDs hit all at the same time, and immediately use a powerful ability. I choose project due to the fact that it's ranged and isn't reliant on being at their back like shadow strike. With that said, however, that is simply for my opening. I get enough time in most CDs for multiple attacks, including subsequent Projects.

(Lowercase s and c = shift and cntrl)

M5 Key = U, sU, sI, sO, s[, A, =
U: Deflection - 12 second melee and ranged resist
sU: Adrenal
sI: 20s Force Potency - Increase Force Crit Chance
sO: 20s Battle Readiness - Technique modifier
sP: Relic
A: Project
=: Blackout - Only useful as infiltration

The last thing I want to do is Project, but the delay between hitting my abilities and project is so small that I'm essencially hitting them al lat the same time, allowing me every bit of GCD for other abilities. EVERYTIME I PROJECT, IT's BECAUSE I HIT THIS BUTTON! I never use "A".
What happens when one CD is down and another is up? That one is used. I project sooooooooo much that it doesn't really matter because I'm hitting it probably once every 7-10 seconds. I pop my deflection because I figure if I'm attacking someone, there's a damn good chance I'll be getting attacked. I also was sure to keep an odd modifier off this because I do use it on it's own occasionally, but does not have a force cost associated with it (unlike Kinetic Ward).

Very similar to my Offensive one, but heals me and does not project.

T6/T7 Keys = cH, H, U, sU, sI, sO, =
cH = Medpack
H = Rakata Reuseable Medpack
U: Deflection - 12 second melee and ranged resist
sU: Adrenal
sI: 20s Force Potency - Increase Force Crit Chance
sO: 20s Battle Readiness - Technique modifier
=: Blackout - Only useful as infiltration

Why T6 AND T7 keys?
Because when I need a heal quick, I mash butons, so I assigned this to both keys in case I miss.
Why the "=" to hit blackout at the end of both of these?
Because the tallent "Masked Assult" in the infiltration build allows Blackout to be used out of stealth and grats 10 force (which you JUST used on Project) and an additional force regen. For my current build, I rarely use Blackout.
How to setup your macro?
With the razer software I have, you hit a record button, mash away, then hit stop. The only trick I found that's very useful is bing able to mark the "Ignore delays between events during recording". This sped up my macro-to-project time by about ½ of a second, and now it's essencially instant.
Pair with your hotkey bindings!!!
If you look at my hotbar setups below for Fuse and Bez, they're slightly different, but not by much. I made sure to keep it where the macros could be used for both. The primary thing that I changed is that instead of T6 AND T7 hitting the macros, I set the thumb keys to s1, s2, s3, and s4 for my healing abilities, and then just T7 for my Healing macro which will hit my medpacks.

The most important thing is to think ahead and group the abilities you see yourself using all the time together. Find a way to make it work. I don't know every class out there, and am constantly reconsidering changes to my macros, or adding new ones for specific situations, but if I can help with something specifically, let me know.

Please contribute to this thread with your own thoughts.

Non-VR Games / 1.2.1 Patch Notes
« on: April 24, 2012, 03:17:12 pm »
View them here:

Ones that stuck out to me...
Smuggler: Charged Burst's damage has been increased by approximately 5%.

Items:The cost for PvP consumables has been reduced to 10 commendations.
Items:The cost for Rated War Hero PvP gear has been reduced. This does not impact the time required to obtain base War Hero gear.

Legacy:The Rocket Boost ability can now be used inside and isn't restricted by areas that do not permit vehicles. It cannot be used in combat or in Warzones.

CW:Players can no longer be knocked off of speeders while traveling to the battlefield.
(We could do that?!)
VS:Players no longer earn defender credit for defending a previously destroyed objective.
(We could do THAT?!)

Social:Corrected an issue that prevented players from adding offline players to their friends list.

Non-VR Games / 1.2a Patch Screwed stuff up!
« on: April 13, 2012, 08:54:42 am »
Please see this thread:

It seems like the world is back to what it was pre 1.2. This means:

-The old fleet is back - with the crystal vendor
-No Guild Bank
-No Black Hole
-Lith and I are checking Hoth and False Emperor now

Items from 1.2 seem to be intact.
Legacy is still present.

EDIT: Hoth box is back in. False Emperor boxes are back in. If your reading this and can get in to grind credits, do it before they figure out their mistake.

Non-VR Games / Custom UI Files!
« on: April 13, 2012, 02:06:38 am »
Check this site for xml files...

If you have a layout you like, please share with an image in this thread.
I usually customize my stuff like crazy, but I'm pretty happy with a basic one for now...

Non-VR Games / Serious about PvP? Here's what I want to develop.
« on: April 11, 2012, 01:54:03 pm »
Here are my thoughts on the matters, and instead of going "IT's COMING! It's COMING!" like in the last few weeks, I'll throw this out there for everyone to see. I've been working on ideas independently and hope at least some of this gets some traction with everyone.

1. Organized structure.[/u]
This has already been in the process, and I know Sared has been working with some of you on this, though no posts have really been made about it yet. This includes T's work on getting a schedule setup, and Sareds work on getting Class leaders.

Class Leaders:
Having a point person to goto for information on tactics, loadouts, and gear questions for every class. If you have a question they can't answer, they should know who to go to.
They should be well versed in PvP mechanics as it relates to their class. In some cases, this person won't just be used by people of the same class, but by other classes. For instance, I know the shadow kinetic and infiltration specs very well, so if I want to know how I can help my healer, I would ask the sage lead. If I want to understand what I can do to help a smuggler, I'll ask the smuggler lead. Want to know why XXX class kills you so easily, and how to avoid it? Class Leaders should be able to help. These Class leaders should converse often with other class leaders. Information sharing and the desire to know other classes will be an important part of this job.

Gear Based Priority:
This is part of T's explanation of how this fits in with team priority, thought when I first started talking about this with leadership, it was based on expertise. Same principle, though.
Original notes:
500 Expertise min. [Arbitrary amount - can be discussed] This has two effects - First, it's obvious assistance in damage, defense, and healing in PvP. Second, by the time someone has acquired 500 exptertise, they should have more than a working knowledge of their class within the warzones. By this time, they should know what to expect and where all the key points are.

2. Teams
My ideal Team
Here is what I prefer to see on every team I'm a part of...

Healers - 2
Tank - 2
DPS - 2
Stealth - 2
Guard/Taunt - 2
Rescue (Friendly) - 1
Force Pull (Ememy) - 1
Leap - 1

Some classes meet multiple roles, for instance Kinetic Shadows cover Tank, Stealth, Taunt, and Force Pull Roles. So in almost every situation, you can fill all of these with 5-6 members. (Sage, Sage, Shadow, Guardian, Sentinel, Scoundrel, Empty, Empty)

Team Roles
I would love to see us get to a point that we identify specific roles in PvP and we each own them. For instance, Lith and I are both shadow tanks and we've gotten in a pattern now in HB matches. Without saying anything he guards me and I know that I'm getting the ball and he's backing me up at mid. We already have these roles without documenting them, but I would love to flush these out and have it written for everyone to understand.

-Team captain(s) (Only one that I'm dead set on developing)
For every warzone, there should be a primary Captain. Their responsibility will be to organise the gameplan, and call directions as the warzone progresses. Some responsibilities of the captain may be to ask for updates on certain parts of a map, call certain people to move or hold, call out guarding pairs, call/mark targets etc... The team should have an understanding that when everyone calls orders or does their own thing, it can lead to a loss - and if something the captain says doesn't jive, it should be explained quickly so a plan B can be formulated. There will be some situations where the captain will not see everything that is going on, so one of the most important things will be to have clear communication from and to the captain. The goal of the captain isn't to bark orders. It is to recognize and manage negative situations and direct solutions before they evolve into a loss of an objective. (For instance, in many of my Alderaan pug groups I end up on a point defending with a healer. When another point needs help, I'll specifically tell the healer to go instead of me because generally, healers are more valuable.)

Force speeders/Sentinels who need to get to a location fast. On HB, these are your initial ball carriers. On Alderan, these are your initial cappers/disrupters (east). On VS, these people should be some of the first through a door while others slow imps.

-Ball Carriers
Tanks with a healer and a guard are nearly unstoppable.

-Ball Receivers
Usually stealth classes that can move to forward points in HB easily. (Though realistically, when you're dieing any green name is what you look for...)

3. Tactics
"Tactics" is kind of all encompassing, so it's a bit general... Most of it comes from experience with your class and within WZs, and how we interact with eachother - because we all have different personalities that affect communication differently. Now I'm getting ahead of my notes...

Communication Tactics
Communication will be key to success in warzones. How many times has a bomb been planted because the person watching the door died and didn't call out for help and no one was watching the minimap? It happens, but if that person simply says "1 inc", "I'm dieing/dead", or "west door, right now!" a cap can be easily avoided. This becomes much more important on Alderann where the distance to travel is much greater. It will be the Captains job to assure everyone is talking - he/she needs to consistently know what's going on, and when he/she doesn't, they need to ask.

Class Specific Tactics
Here is where the Class Leaders will have key input. Did you shadows know that you can pull a stunned imp? When is it ok to NOT use your CC breaker? What rotation do you use in XXX situation? These are the things I want to start seeing and hearing more of. Just last night we had a discussion about sentinels and transcendence and how that affects groups vs. ops and how it can lead to an enemy beating a force speeder to a location. From that discussion I wanted to get together with a Sentinel and test some things like stacking mechanics.

Warzone Specific Tactics
Discussions on "In XXX WZ, do this to start....XXX when this happens...etc". One example is the 2X2 strat, or even my 2X1 strat on Alderaan. 2 west, 2 east, rest mid. This has been highly successful, so let's get it out there and known for FA.  Lets test when this works best. tank/heals east, or is it better to have the heals with the larger group? Lets test that, or at least have the discussion.

I am currently making videos! This is why sometimes I'm in game but not in TS. So far I have about 8-10 things I want to record and get out there for us; I've already gotten about 4-5 done. These are quick shots of things I use as a Shadow and Scoundrel in PvP. Some things are my East run on Alderaan, pointing out the imp split, the 20second timing on the far rightside firepit allowing a non-force speeder to hit right elbow while just missing the firepit, or something as quick as the VS Gap Jump. Those of us that have been heavy in WZs may know this stuff like the back of our hands, but not everyone does. Hell, I didn't even realize the transcendence thing until early this morning. (By the way, it takes a force speeder 14 second to get the ball in HB if done right, a sentinel team about 13, and 25 seconds for a non-force speeder to get to an elbow, so 11 second of survival with 5 imps hitting you is ideal to keep it moving and for a score in the first minute. I say 5 imps because I have two stuns, and should always have other rep to stun as well.)


Purpose of this thread... Here's what I want from you.

1. Overall thoughts on what I've outlined here...

2. Team roles: What else can we add. Consider it a job that you can repeatedly go into a WZ and practice.

3. What do you want demonstrated in Video? A Class ability demonstrated, a warzone strat, or something else I'm not coming up with? Keep in mind I'm trying to keep these under a minute each. No one wants to watch me demo something that takes 5 seconds and then see me fight for 2 minutes. (I know this from my livestream)

4. I've only mentioned this in passing to T, but would others be interested in having a subforum here specifically for this info on PvP mechanics? I would hate to create a bunch of threads and have the info get lost, but I also don't want to request a new subforum if it doesn't get used and updated by everyone. Preferences?

I want everyone to have input on what are the best ways to get things done. None of this is doctrine, and as our PvP master, Sared will be overseeing much of this if it develops, but without our members input and effort, nothing he could do would be worth doing.

General / Goodbye from Fuse... a heartfelt explanation, and apology.
« on: April 01, 2012, 04:08:31 am »
I logged off tonight without saying goodbye, and for that I am deeply sorry. My internet went out.

I wish everyone a good future, and a great Sunday, April 1, 2012. Also, don't forget about Mondays pvp practice.

Off Topic / Big thanks to Virtopia and Lathazia!
« on: March 07, 2012, 11:35:27 am »
I feel lucky to be part of a great group.

My wife and I had plans to visit Austin to prepare for a move later in the year. Money is tight, flights are expensive, but FA kindness was in full effect.

Virtopia was kind enough to offer his place to stay, even while he was out of town. To make that offer to an essential stranger and ask nothing in return, was amazingly generous. Thanks man...

I was able to get together with Lathazia while here as well. He lured me to his home with the offer of a free steak dinner and desserts. His family is delightful, and his neighbors are very cool as well, even when learning we had only met an hour or so before they showed up. (Of course the whole "how do we know you're not an ax murderer?" jokes we're throw about) Thanks for the grub and good times. If I ever stab anyone, I'll call you.

Austin is a nice place. As I have mentioned repeatedly this last week, the people are amazing. Even downtown, the people seem to be much more grounded than what I'm use to in Chicago; it's not nearly as pretentious. I love being able to have a beer and shoot the shit with anyone here. Weather was amazing. I'm about to get on a plane back to 30 degrees and snow. Damn. Unfortunately I wasn't here for the summit - but BW will certainly have my resume soon.

Back to cleaning up the apartment and packing - it'll be good to get back in game.

Non-VR Games / DPS Scoundrel help?
« on: February 19, 2012, 12:18:55 am »
In PvP as a well geared Battlemaster Infiltration Shadow I tried to think of the classes I hate playing against... Operatives always popped up to the top of the list. (really, it's about the only class now that's a challenge 1v1 for me) So I made a Scoundrel.

So how do I piss off the assassins? I'm not looking to heal until dual spec comes out. I want to melt faces. What I've been reading so far is that DF is ok, but a lot of work can be put in to dots only to have them purged. Soooooo Scrapper it is! It's huge burst dmg that kills me...

Who has experience with this? I'm just now starting the process of understanding this class, so forgive my stupidity, but honestly it took a long while to truly become so efficient on my Shadow. I want to be effective at PvP primarily.

I'm looking at this build...Opinions?

Off Topic / Orlando, FL trip - April 15-20
« on: January 10, 2012, 10:10:24 am »
I have a work conference I may be at for these days in Orlando - is anyone near there, or want to fly there and meet up for drinks?

Non-VR Games / Keybinds! Share your thoughts...
« on: December 27, 2011, 01:04:28 pm »
I had been asked about mine a bit, so thought I would share my main thoughts and current setup...

As a Shadow...

Q=Strafe Left
E=Strafe Right

Attacks on Numbers
1=Get-Focus-Back ASAP. Here for right click attack.
2=Finishing move when < %30 health. Spammed
3=Main attack. Used for proccing Particle Acceleration. Spammed
5=AoE Knockback
6=Slow. Great for following people and then smashing Shadow Strike.
7=Force Lift, not comonly used in PvP
==Blackout. Usually used to sneak past PvE.

Here's where my fun begins
A=Project. I use it almost every cooldown. Easy to reach.
S=Tele Throw. Used prety comonly.
D=Stun. Used very often. All easy to get to.
F=Force Breech. used almost every cooldown. Especially with groupped reds.
SHIFT+F=Mind Crush. Used when I have an opening.
C=Shadow Strike. I put this here because I don't always have the opportunity to use it in PvP, but when I do need it, it's still easily reached
SHIFT+C: Force Pull. Not used every cooldown, so put the shift modifyer on it.
Z=Tumult. An ability I'm not always aware if it's able to be hit (needs stunned) so have it close, but not always easy to reach.

SHIFT+A:Kinetic Ward
SHIFT+S:Force Potency
SHIFT+D:Alacrity Relic

T=Mass Taunt (Changed to Throw huttball when in HB.)
B=Mind Snap. Super useful for those damn BH AoEs.
SHIFT+B:Mind Maze. 60sec mezz? Yes please.

R=Force Speed
SHIFT+G:Gaurd. Not always used in the heat of battle, so have the shift modifyer.

Mouse - My mouse has two buttons on the side (SIDE1 and SIDE2)
MIDDLE:Force of Will - Breaks CC.
SHIFT+MIDDLE:Resilliance - Breaks and resists CC
SHIFT+SIDE1:Force Cloak

Some things I change...
I change what abilities go where depending on the situation.
Huttball? T=Throw, Shift+T is mass taunt, and taunt gets clicked on if needed.
Am I PvEing with a companion? H becomes healthpack, CNT+H becomes Channel the Force.

Why did I do it this way?
...becuase it works for me so far. My goal is to keep my hand on the left side of my keyboard for almost everything. For the windows that require keys, I remapped them to CNT+Whatever. So while you use "C" to bring up the character panel, I use CNT+C. I have to reevaluate these each time I get a new ability, and also what I actually use. I only have about 8 more barspots open to use, but have a lot of keys not yet shift modified I can still use.

This is the first game I've remapped keys for a game ever. After watching Taugrims videos on key mapping it all made sense. I can't use his suggestions, but it forced me to experiment. For instance, he ONLY uses strafe L/R with no forward button. I need that forward button, for sure. I tried to Shift modify anything I didn't use all the time - I think I aceived this with the exception of Mind Crush, but that works well because I only use that after my alacrity relic. (SHIFT+A, SHIFT+S, SHIFT+D, SHIFT+F - all in a row)

No backward? Who needs it? With strafing, you don't need to backpedal. I thought I would miss it. I don't.
No "X" binding? Nope. My finger strains to get this. I'll probably bring it into the rotation by the time I'm 50, but right now I don't need it.
Moving icons when switching from other monitor? Not me. i hotkeys SHIFT+CNT+L to lock the hotbars.

It took me some time to get use to this, and I'm always reconsidering placement, and fearing that my next ability will screw it up, but I am MUCH happier, and effective with the setup I have so far.

Here is an image of my icon placement and the binds I have on them. (might be slightly hard to see)

Off Topic / SWTOR Screenshots...
« on: December 16, 2011, 02:13:31 am »
I will try to keep this limited to interesting shots, or ones we could use for guild promotion... Share your own. :)

Dropping the world boss w/ loot...

I found Jesus, Alleluia!

All FA group creaming up VS...

I FINALLY did somewhat decent in a match. Got mvp and top medals...Thanks to defender and an awesome Scoundrel.

That one also shows a bit of a redone keybinding setup I moved to when I hit 22.

Non-VR Games / Jedi Shadow... To tank, or not to tank?
« on: December 02, 2011, 08:05:55 am »
Who do we have rolling Shadows? I'm trying to do some research on if I want to roll it as a tank or all out dps.

I've always rolled DPS classes in my games. I was min-max obsessed with my hunter for max dps, with some tweaks for survivability in PvP encounters. I loved my knife thrower in mxo. I like being able to be a deciding factor if we drop a mob. I haven't played a tank since EQ days, and it certainly wasn't very involved back then.
With that said, I'm not sure the dmg of a dmg shadow can compete with some of the other classes. Meanwhile, I'm starting to read some decent things about how the Shadow tank is currently very underappreciated and it has great potential as a main tank option.

So my questions - which I hope to answer on my own, but would like some insight from those who have played more than I...

How does the dmg playout compared to the Sentinel? I know it will be less, but enough so that dmg Shadows will be overlooked as a dps class?
What are the best rotations you've used? What are the "Must Mash anytime available" abilities when focused on dmg?

Tanking compared to Gaurdian? Obviously there is a huge difference between mitigation tanks and avoidance tanks, so how does it work out in swtor?
I've read in at least two places that the difference between the heavy armor and light for these tanking examples is negligible, and can be overcome by a single buff...Truth?

In both cases, the versatility of the Shadow may be it's strongest selling point. Yes, it can be a DMG Shadow, but will have additional abilities that may make it much more attractive than a can-only-do-one-thing-well Sentinel. Also, even in a tank role it has multiple other supporting abilities...

I will try to keep this updated with information as I get it while on my way to find the perfect class for me.

My first source I'll be reading through will be
If you have these same questions, I suggest you read up there as well.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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