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Stability Issues with CPU/RAM/Mobo by Tbone
[November 30, 2022, 12:34:56 pm]

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Support / Stability Issues with CPU/RAM/Mobo
« on: November 03, 2022, 08:50:24 pm »
Not sure who will see this who can help, but figured I'd post so that I can at least organize my thoughts.


ASRock x570m Pro4
Ryzen 5 3600
Corsair LPX Vengeance 8x2 3000mhz DDR4 RAM
Nvidia 3080
MSI MPG A850GF Gaming Power Supply
Corsair 4000D Airflow Case

I upgraded the CPU, RAM, and Mobo back in 2019, the video card in 2020, and the PSU and case a few weeks ago.

After my first upgrade, I was stuck in a boot loop for a while. I e eventually solved this by manually setting some voltage for the RAM and CPU. I used the XMP profile to get 3000mhz at 1.35v. The CPU had to be manually set to 3600mhz at 1.3v. This allowed me to boot normally.

After upgrading to the 3080 and trying more intense games/apps, I would sometimes get crashes that seemed power related (no BSOD - just a sudden shut off and turn back on). I undervolted the GPU which seemed to help a bit but noticed I would still occasionally get these crashes.

Recently I did some more testing and found that it was actually my CPU that was likely causing the crash, as temps were quickly getting into the 90s and beyond when running something. I switched out my case and the power supply (as it was very very old), but ultimately it was lowering the voltage of the CPU that helped the most. I'm now running the CPU at 1.28v with a -.05 offset. Any lower and the computer resets itself.

It's been pretty stable since this change, with temps staying in the 70s in games like Cyberpunk. BUT I'm still running a higher than recommended voltage and I'm still having to throttle the frequency at 3600, so my temps are still higher than normal and performance could be a little better. I just don't know if this is something I can fix or if I should have RMA'd something back in 2019. Everything is up to date (bios, etc). I've heard the RAM can cause issues for some reason, but everything should be compatible and play nice with each other.

General / The Quest Pro
« on: October 12, 2022, 07:34:32 pm »
Meta has officially announced their newest headset, the Quest Pro. Perhaps you're here because you're curious about this new headset. It's a $1500 device that adds pancake lenses, face/eye tracking, and better screens with QLED and local dimming tech. Most of the upgrades, however, have gone into the passthrough feature. It's 4x the resolution of Quest 2's passthrough and adds color and depth. All of this is an attempt to add augmented reality to the device.

For VR gaming the general consensus is that this headset is a hard pass. The upgrades for VR are minimal. The screen resolution remains the same. There is better clarity via the pancake lenses, which offer a much larger sweet spot. The panels also provide mechanical ipd adjustment and better contrast. The headset is more comfortable due to the thinner optics.

The sides of the headset, however, are left open to help with AR. As a result there is extreme light leak. There are magnetic attachments that fix this on the sides, but you'll still get the light leak from the bottom. To fix this, you'll need to buy a $50 add on gasket, an insult after spending $1500. Even if you think the new features like face and eye tracking would improve your VR experience, they are locked to standalone only and don't work in PCVR. What about foveated rendering? Apparently a dead end since the processing to perform it costs about as much as you'd save by using it.

There's no direct PC connection still (and probably never will be). It does use wifi 6e, so theoretically you might get better Airlink from the device, though using a cable will still be a better experience.

Even if you are super excited about AR, first impressions say it's still not there yet. And even if you did find something compelling to do with the headset, it only has a 1-2 hour battery life if using all its features. This isn't even long enough to last half a work day of meetings or work sessions, which is the main purpose of the device.

The Quest 3 is rumored to be coming next year and should have a lot of the VR improvements that the Quest Pro has (pancake lenses and an even better chip) while cutting some of the useless new features (face tracking) to keep the price down. That device should be between $300-$500.

Wait for the Quest 3.

Off Topic / Re: randomness
« on: October 12, 2022, 07:18:58 pm »
Reminds me of Katrina back in the day. It's hard to describe to people how quickly things and seemingly society can just stop functioning.

VR Gaming / Re: No Man's Sky Beyond VR
« on: September 24, 2022, 04:47:52 pm »
It's been a long while for me!

VR Gaming / Re: Half-Life 2 VR mod
« on: September 24, 2022, 04:47:10 pm »
It's on my list to get through, but I need to finish Red Matter 2 first and I'm just really busy at the moment.

VR Gaming / Re: Quest 2 Link Best Settings (Finally Better Than Rift S)
« on: August 28, 2022, 01:40:10 pm »
Updated current settings:

Bitrate > Resolution > Supersampling > Refresh Rate

My settings for Nvidia 3080


Distortion Curvature: Low

Encode Resolution Width: 3712

Encode Dynamic Bitrate: Disabled

Dynamic Bitrate Max: 0

Encode Bitrate (Mbps): 480

Dynamic Bitrate Offset (Mbps): 0

Link Sharpening: Enabled

Mobile ASW: Disabled


Refresh Rate (90Hz) or (120hz)

Render Resolution: (3712x1872) 1.0x at 90hz or 1.2x at 120hz


Super Sampling: 1.45 (I start there and adjust depending on intensity of the game using the Profiles). If you use Steam regularly instead, you can also super sample within Steam settings per game. I like to use Oculus Tray Tool's Visual HUD - Pixel Density and Performance to see how close I am to the Quest 2's actual resolution and how my performance is being affected.


Google it. You need to manually put two files in the directory of each game you want to use this on. If you have a video card that supports it, you can get fixed foveated rendering and some sharpening. Currently my settings are:


enabled: true

method: cas

renderScale: 0.95

sharpness: 0.9

radius: 0.6


enabled: true

innerRadius: 0.6

midRadius: 0.8

outerRadius: 1.0

Note that you don't have to do ALL of these things, but if you leave something out, you'll want to adjust elsewhere. For instance, if you aren't going to super sample and apply sharpening, then just crank the resolution scale up instead. You'll notice my resolution is at .9x scale, but that's simply to give me more room to super sample and save a little performance at the same time. Obviously if I cranked my resolution up to 1.7x then my super sampling would need to be completely different or be left out completely.

Finally an update! Starting next month this will roll out. Meta is sending an email stating the following:

A Facebook account is no longer required to use Meta VR devices. Instead, you’ll need to set up a Meta account, which lets you log into your VR devices and view and manage your purchased apps in one place. You can set up a Meta account using your email address or Facebook account, and as part of the process we’ll migrate your existing VR information (including apps, achievements, and friends) to this account.

While you will still need a Meta account, you'll no longer be required to tie a social media presence to it. It will hopefully act as more of a traditional gaming/business account versus the more public and social-facing Facebook account.

I'm in the process of revisiting these settings again. The question is whether 3970 encode resolution width and 550 encode bitrate is wasted performance. Some seem to think the Quest 2's decoding is locked into around 300, so increasing the encoding past that won't help. I seemed to notice a difference between even 400 and 550 when I made this post, however, so I'll have to look at it again. Quest 2's native apps render at 3660, so the theory is going above that isn't worth it for the width, though I've also seen that, due to the native resolution of the actual panel, going to 3970 can have benefits.

Either way a more safe baseline where you won't hit too much in the way of diminishing returns would be bitrate to 350 and encode resolution width to 3664.

Off Topic / Re: Been AWOL
« on: May 14, 2022, 01:26:00 pm »
Hey man! A few of us still meet up on Discord nightly for VR gaming. We've been playing more "session based" games, where you can jump in and jump out depending on how much time you have. I'm still waiting on a VR MMO that's worth diving deep into. I usually hop back into SWTOR every few years and play the new content and then unsub. Also doing that with FFXIV.

I'm still doing acting (which is finally getting back up and running) and more recently have been working with a gaming company on a product that should be going into paid beta soon. When I have a way to do so, I'll share it here!

Off Topic / Re: randomness
« on: May 10, 2022, 12:32:28 pm »
Here’s some randomness for you:  I proposed Saturday; she said yes!
Wow, congrats!

General / Re: The Matrix: Resurrections
« on: April 27, 2022, 11:04:23 pm »
Hot take: "Everything Everywhere All At Once" is what Matrix 4 should have been.

Off Topic / Re: Health and Fitness
« on: April 26, 2022, 04:13:49 pm »
Today I tried jogging in place while doing Beat Saber. Nothing too crazy - just keeping my legs moving. I have an anti-fatigue mat that keeps me in place. My average heart rate went up 10 bpm as well as my peak (from BS without jogging), so it seems to be a worthwhile addition as long as you're careful!

Off Topic / Re: Health and Fitness
« on: April 23, 2022, 12:39:13 pm »
Hey Jeyk! Great to hear from you! I'll answer some of your questions!

-For my exercises, I typically focus on things I can do at home with my own equipment. As a result, this ends up being either dumbbells or a full body circuit workout. I did the circuit workout for a while, but it can be a little rough on my back. For dumbbells I just make sure to hit different muscle groups. As you mention, I try to focus on form and creating muscle engagement over number of reps and try to do a slow count when lifting weights.

-For dieting I focus mostly on calorie count. I also try to get a good amount of protein. When I was going at this hard, I ate "meat slop" (which I've referenced before) that had a good macro balance and tried to reach protein goals while still maintaining my calorie goals. If I get to a point to where I want to bulk up a little and start lifting weights, I'll shift from strictly calorie counting to focusing on protein. I use the app "Lose It!" to track all of this.

-As for intermittent fasting, I sort of do this naturally. I have a sensitive stomach in the morning and so usually don't eat a breakfast. This means I also usually do a fasted workout. I eat a late lunch (usually 3pm). This gives me some calories for a snack at night if needed, but also creates a good chunk of time where I'm fasting. It's not something I consciously try to do, but it happens naturally for me.

-For cardio I do HIIT 3x a week and use an app called "Exercise Timer" to build the intervals. I'm currently on a 30 work / 45 rest cycle. I alternate HIIT with regular cardio using Beat Saber. I use this playlist and usually do 30 minutes with no break with YUR tracking. I do expert/expert+ with no fail and increased speed (worked my way up to that). And yes, it's fun!

-I would advise caution when adding weights while doing Beat Saber. It's easier to have an injury than you may think. When I first started using Beat Saber for working out, I used these custom grips to grip it like an actual saber, but the jerkiness of changing directions quickly caused me to injure my shoulder. The weighted vest and ankle weights are probably fine, but I would be careful if you start ramping up the difficulty and speed of songs while using wrist weights. That seems like it could cause injury to me. I also stretch before and after Beat Saber and treat it like a regular workout.

As an update, I'm down to 178 lbs! I'm working again and have had a very busy month, so progress has slowed a little, but it feels great to not feel "overweight" anymore. I did a shoot this week where I played an Indiana Jones type of character for a commercial, and it always feels good to feel more confident in a role like that than feeling like the "chubby version". My birthday is next week so cake and going out to eat will probably continue to slow down my progress, but there's no hurry!

Off Topic / Re: Health and Fitness
« on: March 24, 2022, 05:06:22 pm »
It's been a long time since I've updated (about four years!). It feels like a lot has happened since then! I've been living with my girlfriend for several years now, so the days of just fixing a meal for myself to last all week is all but over. We also moved into a smaller apartment, so I had to get rid of my stationary bike that I had at home. Still, I've tried to keep and adapt my routine and continue keeping my weight down. My body really wants to live around 185-190, so anything higher that that usually is a sign that I need to slim back down.

Since I got rid of the stationary bike, I would go to the gym in our apartment complex and use the elliptical. This was fine until COVID hit and we didn't leave the apartment. I tried to supplement my exercise with VR - specifically Beat Saber - which was better than nothing. Still, I was having some health issues (turns out I have ankylosing spondylitis, an autoimmune disorder) and general mental issues from the stress of COVID times and gave up exercising for a while. When I finally got vaccinated and started working again last year, I noticed I didn't fit into any of my dress pants. Got the batteries replaced in the scale and realized I was back to 201 lbs! Yikes! So I started shredding again.

Currently I'm doing HIIT on the elliptical every other day at the gym. I think I'm on 30/60 but will be ramping up the difficulty soon. On off days I'm doing 30 minutes of Beat Saber at home (a specific playlist at 120% speed that is designed for exercise) and doing stretches. Right now I have less of an emphasis on muscle building and more on stretches and core building for pain management and strengthening my spine. Last year I was able to get to 190 lbs before I went out of town for a gig. I was able to maintain 190 lbs throughout the end of last year/beginning of this year when once again I avoided the gym due to Omicron. A few weeks ago my girlfriend had a similar "omg" moment of gaining COVID weight, so we've both been trying to shred again. The last month I've gone from 190 to 184 with the hopes of getting to 175 and then going from there!

As for diet, I still don't eat breakfast. Lunch consists of either fish fillets, a chicken patty, or a turkey burger with a 35 calorie tortilla and a half can of peas, corn, or green beans. Somewhat boring, but consistent. We've been doing meal deliveries for dinner since COVID and did Blue Apron for a long time. Now we do EveryPlate. It's pretty convenient since the calories and nutrition are listed for each meal. Each week I just choose the low calorie options (try to stay less than 750 calories). For a midnight snack I'll do greek yogurt mixed with PBFit (70 calorie peanut butter mix) or a small bowl of cereal. Sometimes I'll have a bourbon neat but try to keep it to one unless it's the weekend.

As for supplements, I'm currently doing Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and Turmeric. The turmeric is specific to my inflammation issues. I haven't added protein shakes back in yet, but I may if I start trying to balance weight loss with muscle toning/weight lifting.

Despite always having fluctuations in my weight, I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've kept the lifestyle changes and focus on health for nearly 10 years now. I feel that's the hardest part of diet and exercise - it's easier to do it for a few months for a temporary gain, but the truth is it's something you have to maintain for your whole life. I'm about to turn 38 and it's much more of an uphill battle now then when I was 28, but such is life! I'm glad I've kept this little diary of sorts, as I can go back and look at things I may have forgotten about! I started this as sharing stuff I was learning with others, but it turns out I was also sharing stuff I was learning with my future self!

VR Gaming / Re: Zenith (VR MMO)! Come join us!
« on: February 12, 2022, 11:45:50 am »
New method of obtaining endgame gear:

World Boss: Drops a legendary material. Three are needed per legendary weapon you want to craft.

Invasions: Harder events. Apparently have a CHANCE of dropping the new currency needed to craft Level 40/41 Magic tier armor and weapons. 25 needed per armor piece.

Currently pearls and mountain hearts are still needed for the weapons.

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