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General / Re: "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: December 05, 2021, 08:07:55 pm »
Another angle of some of my theory:

The movie is about grief. Lana had the idea for it after the loss of her father. Neo, grief-stricken with the loss of Trinity, just asks the Machines to be left alone and forget about the whole thing. Zion finds Neo in the simulation, however, and they create a Morpheus program to try and help Neo remember. But they don't know that Neo doesn't want to remember.

Neo is so powerful that he can change things in the Matrix. Once his subconscious starts to come out, his grief creates Trinity to cope. In the real world this would just be a mental issue. In the Matrix, where everything is in the mind, Trinity is manifested out of thin air by Neo. In this sense, Trinity is just an extension of Neo.

It's possible the movie goes through the stages of grief:

1. Denial and isolation - Neo chooses to forget everything and live in isolation inside the simulation

2. Anger - Upon getting his memory back, Neo and his mind-Trinity lash out at the system, potentially threatening the truce and the people still jacked in.

3. Bargaining - Neo comes up with a plan to try and get Trinity inside her body in the real world - he perhaps strikes a deal with the Machines to do it.

4. Depression - Plan doesn't work. The full weight of the loss of Trinity finally hits Neo.

5. Acceptance - Some sort of resolution where Neo is able to find some peace or at least learn to let go.

There is also a possibility that the ENTIRE movie is in Neo's head or in a "therapy program" to help him deal with his grief. Everything and everyone could be symbolic of different sides of Neo. A quote from someone who apparently saw the movie (no spoilers other than theme, but be warned if you are even wary of that):

I cannot tell you what this film is about, but I could explain what it is not. It's certainly not yet one more sequel, but something autonomous that contains however the three Matrix that preceded in a really ingenious way. It's a very beautiful and weird creation. It also achieves a couple of things that we do not see in action films, meaning it subverts the rules of blockbusters."

So the movie could just be Neo coming to terms with everything that happened in the original trilogy and end up being a lot more of an internal, trippy, psychological experience than just a rehashing of the original Matrix plotlines.

It's possible Neo could be that bad guy of the film. He sees Trinity wherever he goes and is actually turning people into her inadvertently or purposely as a means to hold on to her. The "green eyed" people is either the Machines trying to prevent Neo from destabilizing the system or possibly even Neo's mental manifestation of Agent Smith as he relives his trauma. Basically Neo is dealing with some mental shit and it's manifesting as harmful things within the simulation.

General / Re: "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: November 30, 2021, 01:56:08 am »
Theory after watching the new "Zion" trailer:

Theory: The Matrix stores a backup of your code every time you jack in. This is essentially the digital you. At least Zion both probably the Machines and Exiles as well have probably found a way to access these backups and "Resurrect" digital versions of people from this code.

The resurrected code, however, needs a host. Of course Agents were always able to do this, and so this code can do the same - hijack anyone plugged into the Matrix. The Machines know how valuable Neo's code is and discover they can effectively hide and subdue it by keeping it in a Bluepill host. They potentially do the same to Trinity. After being hidden into a Bluepill host, Neo's memories are suppressed but the host he's in knows something is not right and Neo is slowly gaining control of his host and getting memories back.

Morpheus is dead (killed in MxO). Zion has his code, however. In the Animatrix Zion had experiments to reprogram Machines to by sympathetic to humans. The "fist bump" machine is most likely one of those and have probably been helping and giving access for Zion to some of this tech. They use it to put Morpheus' code into nanobots which might be the only way for him to take over a host and jack in. Zion not only finds Neo and Trinity's code but also discovers their bodies have been repaired and are plugged in (not sure why).

Neo and Trinity are told they are just code by Zion and that there may be a way to reunite the body with the mind and live again in the real world. They need to find whatever is using their shells or wherever their shells are and hijack them back. Bugs at some point lets Trinity use her as a host to aid in this. It's possible that Morpheus lets Neo hijack the nanobots. Not sure on the details, but essentially Neo and Trinity are trying to reconnect with their true selves and are potentially hopping around others that are connected to do it.

MEANWHILE someone or something is also piggybacking on Bluepills to try and stop them. I imagine the Machines (or an exile) studied Agent Smith's viral code and created their own version as a weapon, allowing them to control many hosts at once without relying on individual hopping like the agents.

Oculus Quest VR headsets will no longer require a Facebook account.

Quote from: Zuck
As we’ve focused more on work, and frankly as we’ve heard your feedback more broadly, we’re working on making it so you can log in into Quest with an account other than your personal Facebook account. We’re starting to test support for work accounts soon, and we’re working on making a broader shift here, within the next year.

It's still unclear exactly when the change will happen and what it will be replaced with, but you can assume you'll probably still need some sort of "Meta" account. You'll just no longer be required to tie the account to a social media account like Facebook.

If you already have an Oculus account, you can get a Quest headset without fear of eventually needing to link a Facebook account to it (2023 WAS the deadline). If you don't have an Oculus account, however, currently a Facebook account is still needed to create a new one. This will eventually change - we're just not sure when.

Will they still require that you have a Facebook account in order to use their product?  If so, then unfortunately count me out.
No, they are phasing out that requirement.

I believe they've already taken away the Facebook Messenger icon from the Quest interface (replacing it with the Oculus version again). You will probably still need what will ultimately be called a Meta account (similar in function to an Oculus account) but you won't be required to link it with a social media profile. This info probably deserves its own post, honestly.

Today was the start of Oculus Facebook Meta Connect.

Most of it was talking about their dream for the Metaverse and how they plan to connect people in VR, AR, and a mix of both and create everything you think of when you think of the Metaverse. All of this is 5-10 years away, though they do have a few launched apps (their Horizon stuff) that is the initial building blocks. They're so dedicated to the cause of building the Metaverse that they are renaming their company to "Meta", so...there ya go. No more Oculus but also no Facebook branding either.

They did tease the launch of a new "high end" headset coming sometime next year, titled Project Cambria for the moment. All we know is it will have face and eye tracking, new optics using "pancake lenses", and additional sensors for a better passthrough that will be in color and allow for Mixed Reality. More details coming next year. They basically said this will be a separate product line that's more expensive that the Quest product line but will have more features.

No real announcements on the AR front other than to say they have a two pronged approach of seeing what they can fit into a glasses form factor now while working on features that they hope to get to a glasses form factor sometime in the future. Their only launched product are glasses that can take pictures and videos and play music (no screen).

The other thing to note is a VR port of GTA: San Andreas which will be coming, I believe, EXCLUSIVELY to the Quest 2 (similar to Resident Evil 4 which was just released). It seems if you want the best of what Oculus Facebook Meta has to offer, you'll eventually have to commit to their product line instead of depending on workarounds like ReVive.

Off Topic / Re: randomness
« on: October 21, 2021, 05:46:02 pm »

General / Re: "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: September 16, 2021, 10:11:59 pm »
There's a new promo video out today, with audio verifying "old code." This may flip the script a bit, suggesting the Matrix has new code and Neo/Trinity are old code?
Yeah, this would suggest wherever Neo is, the freed humans have a way to at least scan the code and check it out. This supports the theory that this is a new iteration of the Matrix and Neo and Trinity code is being masked.

Also I think all the "flashback" flashes are actually new footage. Even Trinity in the room when the cops rush in - her outfit is slightly different.

We also definitely see new footage of both Neo and Trinity in the Real - whether in pods or being worked on.

General / Re: "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: September 10, 2021, 04:31:43 pm »
TLDR: The Machines desperately want to be prepared for the war to start again with humanity, this time wanting to solve the problem of The One, perhaps with some new code, that yellow tint being a solid hint... I'd agree with Tbone there. Trinity will be a "catalyst" for waking up and shutting down The One. Neo may even be used as a machine asset for a time, whether through simply existing inside of The Matrix as measure to keep a new "One" from emerging, or to actually take down crews that are freeing minds, breaking moral. -But humanity will get him out, realizing the machine's plans, while trying to prevent war again as well. How they'd get his physical body from the machine city is an entirely different concern, of course.
Yeah, I could see this Source version of the simulation being a means to perfect a new power supply for the Machines. They're basically trying to skip the growing part and start their batteries out at full power (adults). The biggest hint at that is Fake Morpheus's form appearing out of machines in the Real in the teaser. Looks like some sort of nano-bot Westworld stuff:

So maybe they are using Neo to try and perfect their simulated humans. Perhaps this is the alternate forms of power the Architect alluded to in the original trilogy. Or maybe Neo himself is powerful enough to be a valuable fuel source, though that would be a hard "pill" to swallow.

Maybe this all takes place within Neo's brain and the Machines are just trying to RESURRECT him and they realize plugging Trinity directly to Neo as a direct connection is the key to reviving that part of his brain that they want. I'm trying to find a justification as to why the Machines willingly saved Trinity and plugged her in with Neo. This does give a connection to the movie title!

General / Re: "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: September 10, 2021, 04:13:30 pm »
Some further evidence that we are not in the Matrix but in a private simulation:

-Groff's character (guy at the very end) has the initials DM on his desk. We also see Neo running through a hallway of a building titled "Deus Machina". This would imply Neo has direct access to Deus Ex Machina (face swarm entity at the Machine City) from within the simulation. Previously Neo had to go to the Source to reach this entity, so it would stand to reason he is still at the Source. He might actually be in the virtual "Machine City", where all programs live and exist until exiled or deleted.

-Neo and Trinity seem to be fighting just about everyone. There are people with glowing eyes of Matrix code. This could mean that everyone else is either an NPC or a program. There are no other "red pills" in this simulation - only Neo and potentially Trinity. This means even fake-Morpheus and others are part of the Machines' attempt to control Neo. The biggest hint is that one Redpill has blue hair, so perhaps she isn't a Redpill after all. Fake Morpheus also sports a yellow gi, the color of the source code.

-Trinity's body is plugged in differently than the typical Matrix jacks. It's going into her neck instead of her head. The tube looks different. The pod looks different. Maybe the Machines have just evolved their tech and this is further into the future than we think or maybe she's not plugged into the Matrix but plugged into something else.

-In the teaser trailers we see what looks like Fake Morpheus being created in the Real. Humans are already grown in fields, so why try and create a full adult. Maybe this is just the way Machines communicate with each other in the real and they're just talking about the character, or maybe it's proof the character is fake.

Evidence against

-Neo's RSI (and probably Trinity's as well) has clearly been modified, as he appears as an old man that is NOT Keanu more than once in mirrors. The implication here is that the Machines have masked Neo's code so that Redpills are unaware he is in the Matrix. Everyone else sees him as the old man, even in "code" form. The question is, why would you need to disguise Neo if he's in his own private simulation or the Machine City simulation? Trinity also sports a completely different look when she screams and splits into multiple versions of herself. At least two of those versions look nothing like her. So they are both disguised, which would explain why they don't instantly recognize each other (along with whatever brain washing the Machines have done).

-There are brief shots of hovercrafts so we know Redpills are still involved in some way. Perhaps they are hacking into Machine City to try and retrieve Neo or maybe Neo is in the Matrix. We see no shots of humans in the Real other than Neo and Trinity in pods, however. We also may see a shot of Zion in ruins (hard to tell), which would beg the question where did the humans go?

General / Re: "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: September 10, 2021, 01:36:51 am »
This is the architect's second attempt to trap Neo in the source. His John Wick persona experiment ultimately failed (spoiler).
This time, don't you dare steal his rubber ducky.

General / "Matrix: Resurrections" Theories
« on: September 09, 2021, 02:19:59 pm »
Please base your theories off of officially released footage and, of course, MxO storylines! Don't post leaks or spoilers.

Ok, I just watched the first official trailer and the big thing that stood out to me is the color palate. As we all know, the Matrix was shown in a green tint and the real world in a blue tint. The trailer footage, however, was almost entirely yellow. So what's up with that? Well, when Neo gets close to and interacts with the Source, it's all in yellow code.

The yellow to me is a pretty clear indicator that Neo is not in the Matrix but in the Source. There's a clip at the very end of the trailer where Neo is talking to someone and he says "After all these go back to where it started...back to the Matrix." This would heavily imply that they aren't currently IN the Matrix.

So Neo is being kept plugged into the Source and is living a successful life in some way (he seems to be in a nice bathtub). His subconscious is trying to wake him back up, however, and my guess is that he is subconsciously creating a part of his reality - young Morpheus, young Oracle, following the white rabbit - his subconscious is trying to recreate what woke him up the first time, so he's going through a lot of familiar steps and throwbacks.

As for Trinity, my initial guess would be of course that Neo is creating her from code as well, but we see a flash of a real life Trinity plugged in,'s possible the Machines kept her alive and deploy her as a means to keep Neo contained at the Source instead of trying to wake up again ("The only thing that matters to you is still here.") So even after Neo becomes aware, he isn't going to leave until he can also get Trinity out.

There's also shots of both Neo and Trinity seeing other versions of themselves. Neo looks in a mirror and his RSI is shifting around to completely different looks. Trinity actually screams and splits into different looking versions of herself. I don't know if this means they are programs like Agents where they are inhabiting others, or it's just different iterations of themselves/remembering past lives (we know that that The One has been reincarnated/created several times). Along those lines this could be the machines trying to re-assimilate The One back into the Matrix but he refuses to be "reborn" because of his attachment to Trinity. I think the film will play with the idea of identity and how we see ourselves. It also seems to have themes of dealing with mental illness, and I think a lot of the movie will be representative of Neo's internal struggle.

Of course it is possible that this is a newer or older version of the Matrix (we are watching the next iteration or a previous iteration), but the yellow code and the line about going back to the Matrix makes me think that this movie doesn't take place in the Matrix where all the remaining humans are plugged into but instead a private Matrix closer to the Source (maybe a Matrix still in beta testing lol).

I know MxO played with the idea that Neo and Trinity were still in the Matrix as sentient programs - reconstructed code. The fact that we see a RL Trinity plugged in makes me think we aren't seeing just the "code" version, though there could be "constructed" versions of many of the main characters (including Trinity and maybe even Neo) along with the real versions of our two main characters.

Overall I'm extremely excited for the movie! I like the idea of it being a smaller-in-scope script focusing on Neo's internal struggle. I am onboard for the fan service of possibly going through a lot of the same things that happened in the original Matrix as a means for Neo to "wake up" again and am interested to see how meta that gets (young Morpheus appears to be showing Neo footage of The Matrix movie inside of a theater). I'm very curious to see if this will be the definitive ending to the Matrix, the beginning of a new trilogy (a la Star Wars), or a soft reset to introduce new characters for potential spin off movies/shows. Either way, the trailer looks amazing!

General / Re: The Matrix: Resurrections
« on: September 08, 2021, 06:16:58 pm »
Anyone down for a meet up to watch it? It's close to the holidays, but I feel like watching it with the Angels is the only right way to do it.
Who knows what my job situation and the overall COVID situation will be like by then, but if possible, I'm down! I'm still in DC.

Off Topic / Re: randomness
« on: February 01, 2021, 05:23:30 pm »

I was thinking about FA yesterday and signed on Discord briefly yesterday thinking someone would be online around midnight riding out the winter storm, but alas. Hope everyone is well, and I’ll try signing on Discord tonight to say hey. Miss your voices ❤️
We play every night just about from 9-11pm EST. You just missed us!

Off Topic / Re: Holiday Fun
« on: January 02, 2021, 10:39:32 pm »
Merry Christmas! Year # 16!

It's that wonderful time of year again to dash your hopes and joys of Santa Clause.

Go ahead and reread that tired-ass OP:

And enjoy some new content:

Santa's up on the Roof!

(I was also 16 when I made the first post, ugh)
According to the Tim Allen rules, I am now Santa!

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